The AWOL Academy: Scam Or Legit? [2019 Review]

There are hundreds of ways to make money from the internet and there are thousands of courses teaching you how. But, the problem is that you don’t know whether a particular course is legit, scam or in a grey zone. So to find out, people tend to head to the review posts regarding different courses. Well, this blog post is also a review of one of the popular programs that teach affiliate marketing; AWOL Academy.

Undoubtedly, the internet has changed the entire money-making game and now people are earning more from the internet than from a 9 to 5 job. Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg made their net worth because of the internet. But, the problem with the internet is that you can easily get lured into a scam in the name of learning how to make money online. Which is why you will find out if AWOL Academy is a legitimate program or not.

And in this detailed AWOL Academy review, we will discuss virtually everything there is to know about the program ranging from prices, refund policies, the good and bad associated with it, whether it is a scam or not and much more. So let’s buckle up because you are in for a very long but interesting ride:

AWOL Academy Review Summary

  • Name of ProgramAWOL Academy (previously known as "Project AWOL")
  • Founder: Founded by Kameron George & Keala Kanae in 2015
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform
  • Price: $99 along with Many Upsells that go up to $9,997
  • Perfect For: People who have a good amount of money to invest
  • Summary: AWOL Academy is definitely not a scam affiliate marketing training program. But you should think twice before getting the program because there will be a handful of upsells waiting for you.
  • Recommended: No

What Is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy, an internet marketing coaching and training platform, allows you to directly learn under the shadow of experienced marketers like Keala and Kameron. The program mainly focusses on training people on how they can make money online and achieve success with affiliate marketing. Here are some facts about AWOL Academy:

  • The program was first known as “Project AWOL” when an MLM scam company; Empower Network used to own it.
  • In the year 2013, a dispute between Project AWOL and Empower Network caused both programs to shut down.
  • In 2015, Keala and Kameron worked together and launched a program similar to Project AWOL and named it AWOL Academy.
  • The company and founders of AWOL Academy also have two other programs; Global Affiliate Zone and Elite Push that have the same sales tactics.
  • Keala Kanae was once featured in Forbes.
  • AWOL Academy has received a B rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) since June 2017.

What AWOL Academy Claims

Now that you have got the rough understanding of the AWOL Academy and its background, let’s move forward with this AWOL Academy review 2019 and take a look at the two big claims of the company:

  • AWOL Academy claims that they offer the most comprehensive internet marketing mentoring and education in the world.
  • They guarantee that you will make $10,000 in your first 90 days after joining them.

Making $10k in your first 90 days is a very BIG and bold promise but that doesn’t mean that it’s a false one. They have some strict conditions that you need to follow in order to be eligible for this promise. Here are the conditions:

  • You need to become an AWOL Elite member (we’ll talk about it in the next section of this review).
  • Listen to the audio training on a daily basis that may take 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Read the training topics on a daily basis which should also take around 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Generate leads and traffic daily.
  • Participate in the AWOL Academy community daily.

We cannot say how they will track your progress on these conditions regularly but what you should keep in mind is that you need to be Elite member of the program which is the highest rank and requires the highest budget. 

Products Offered By AWOL Academy

When you are searching for AWOL Academy on the internet, the first product that you will encounter by them is the free eBook offered by Keala Kanae that will explain how he made 7 figures with email marketing through the strategies he uses personally. After talking about the strategies, Kaela moves towards a webinar that nothing more than a sales video explaining how you can get the success he got. 

He talks about how you can make $10k in just 90 days using the methods he uses. All of this seems great but remember, guarantees and claims like that can also land you into trouble. Both the eBook and webinar are free and honestly, they are part of his sales funnel. You get access to the first set of premium products after getting their cheapest program; Internet Income Explained.

Once you have purchased this program, you will get a selection of products that you can choose from. Let’s have a look at all programs offered by AWOL Academy:

The AWOL Academy: Scam Or Legit? [2019 Review] 1
  1. Internet Income Explained: This is the cheapest program by AWOL Academy and is a monthly subscription. It is based on four modules discussing the mind map of AWOL Academy’s business and marketing. It also discusses how you can create digital assets and how their business design can be fast-tracked. This is where you access to other types of products offered by AWOL Academy. This program has a cost of $49 per month.
  2. Pro Academy: This is the second program after Internet Income Explained and it is comprised of five modules of training. It involves a step by step training about how you can design complete and fully automated sales campaigns. It will cover everything from buying a domain, getting hosting to doing email marketing and creating a product of your own. This one costs $99.
  3. Inbox Academy: This is a comprehensive course that is designed specifically for email marketing. It emphasizes how you can design email campaigns, getting high open rates and maximizing your sales. This one costs around $447.
  4. Conversion Academy: The fourth program by AWOL Academy revolves around creating sales copy and making sales. It is comprised of topics on creating sales videos and webinars and even how you can close sales over a phone. This course costs around $1797.
  5. Traffic Academy: As the name suggests, this course discusses ways of generating paid traffic through platforms like Facebook and how to reduce the cost of getting clicks. It shows how you can set up the campaign and how you can target the audience when designing the ads. It costs around $2997.
  6. Master Academy: This one is based on the training of mindset, how one can manage their money and how they can make their money work for them. It costs around $5497.
  7. AWOL Elite: This one is the last and most expensive course of AWOL Academy. This is one of the conditions of AWOL Academy to make $10k in 90 days. In this program, you will directly work with the experienced marketers from AWOL Academy’s team. They will teach you on a weekly basis and will hold you accountable for every step of the whole journey. It costs around $9997.

AWOL Academy also holds live events that anyone can attend by purchasing the ticket.

Affiliate Structure Of AWOL Academy

Just like most of the training programs that teach you to make money, AWOL Academy also has its own affiliate program. The entire training program offered by AWOL Academy is based around the niche of “make money online” which means you can market their training to virtually every internet user. 

In order to become their affiliate, you need to pay $39.95 per month and you can get this subscription as soon as you join AWOL Academy. Have a look at the breakdown of their affiliate structure below:

  • No matter which product of AWOL Academy you sell, you will get 30% commission which means if you sell Pro Academy you make $30 and if you sell AWOL Elite you make $3000.
  • As an affiliate, you will get some extra training and also ready-made funnels from AWOL Academy.
  • In order to promote AWOL, you will have to get their Traffic Academy program as well which costs around $2997.
  • The commission of 30% also includes the funnels and additional purchases that your referrals purchase.

In order to become the affiliate of AWOL Academy, you need to get the traffic academy program. However, it’s nothing new, many training programs put the restriction of being a member of their program in order to be an affiliate.

But on the Brightside, there are no requirements to purchase any other program to promote it, purchasing Traffic Academy is enough. For instance, if you want to promote their Master or Elite programs, you don’t have to purchase any of them to earn commissions from their sales. 

Advantages Of Joining AWOL Academy

In-Depth And Comprehensive Coaching:

There is no doubt that Keala and Kameron have invested quite a lot of money, effort and time in developing the core contents of the courses offered in AWOL Academy. A lot of members of AWOL Academy who have gone through the courses have given very good reviews about the quality of their content. So when it comes to in-depth coaching, AWOL Academy definitely takes the prize.

BBB Rating Is Good:

A business gets recognized on the basis of trust its users put on it and seeing BBB rating for a business is one of the best ways to know how credible it is. When it comes to AWOL Academy, it has received a B rating from BBB. Though it is not the A rating but B is still considered good as compared to the ratings of scams that are often very low. So this also tells us that AWOL Academy is not a scam.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

The best thing about a product or service is the money-back guarantee because you always have the surety of getting back your money if anything goes south for you. And with AWOL Academy, you have that assurance. They have an awesome 14-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. You can get your 100% money back within the window of the first 14 days. Some ex-members of AWOL who quit the program have confirmed this as well.

Drawbacks Of Joining AWOL Academy

Severely Overpriced Upsells:

The thing that many people hate the most about the AWOL Academy is the number of upsells they have. They will throw at least one upsell at every step of training and that is annoying. And if you make a purchase of every program and add up the cost, it will exceed $15k. No matter how in-depth training they offer, $15k+ is a lot.

Most Of The Info Is Available Online:

This is another thing that you need to consider because most of the things AWOL Academy teaches are already on YouTube and you just need to be smart enough to find them and determined to learn on your own. There are many marketers who are very successful and have channels on YouTube. They are willing to share all that knowledge for free. However, what AWOL Academy does is that it makes things a little simpler by combining all scattered knowledge over the internet into one comprehensive course.

Hidden Costs:

YES! That is a problem with AWOL Academy. Besides their expensive courses, there are many hidden costs that you won’t know until you have to pay for them. These costs include the tools that you need to move forward with their training such as landing page builder, website domain, autoresponder, hosting, tracking system and more. These tools can add up to be more than a hundred dollars a month. Furthermore, their focus is on the paid traffic method which means you need to keep a few extra hundred bucks to spend on Facebook advertisements.

Pyramid Scheme Arrangement:

Though you don’t have to just promote the AWOL Academy, you are very highly encouraged to promote the program by the coaches. They will provide you with the required resources and tools to help you promote AWOL Academy better. And this doesn’t end here, you will be pushed to purchase higher-level products along the way. So this makes AWOL Academy seem like a sort of a pyramid scheme.

Lacks Free-Trial:

There is no free-trial in AWOL Academy. You will be offered a Free PDF and a Masterclass of 2-hour on online marketing when you opt-in for their email list. However, free stuff is just a tactic to sell you their courses. You will be asked to join their paid program to get more knowledge and training and that is the basic purpose of this PDF and Masterclass. 

You Need To Pay To Be Affiliate:

This one is actually a major drawback of their affiliate program. Most of the affiliate programs are free to join but that is not the case with AWOL Academy, in order to become their affiliate, you need to purchase their Traffic Academy course that costs around $2997 which is a lot. 

Is AWOL Academy A Scam? 

Well, that is one of the most searched terms associated with AWOL Academy over the internet. If you have read this review until now, you will see that the answer is pretty clear; it’s NOT a scam. However, it can be considered as a scam in the eyes of regulators if they don’t get their advertising right because their claims and guarantees are too good to be true.

Furthermore, some students have made no money out of their courses but there can be any reason behind it, maybe they weren’t focused enough or they gave up early. It is not the fault of AWOL Academy or their training that they didn’t make money if they weren’t focused or dedicated enough.

One thing that people should realize is that you don’t become successful overnight. It takes time to be good at something and then more time to be great at it. What we would say to you is that you shouldn’t believe every advertisement you watch from AWOL Academy, their marketing tactics can be misleading.

The reason why we are saying this about their marketing is that programs like Digital Altitude and MOBE already got closed because of their marketing practices which were very poor. Though it might not be the only reason, it was definitely one of the few main reasons. 

So in conclusion, no, AWOL Academy is not a scam but they need to be careful about their marketing, their guarantees and claims, and the refund policy. If they mess up even a little, they might face the same fate as MOBE and Digital Altitude.  And if you join the program just to be an affiliate, in our opinion, that may not be a long-term or stable income.

Frequently Asked Questions About AWOL Academy:

How to Get Started With AWOL Academy?

Getting started with AWOL Academy is not hard or expensive. You can get started as their member by purchasing their Pro Academy package that only costs $99. This is a beginner level course where you will get to watch a short introductory video and create your profile with all of your contact information. Then you can book a call with their coaches to get answers to your questions. Once you go through these steps, you can then go ahead and watch all the videos in the Pro Academy program. 

What Is The Cost Of Getting Into AWOL Academy?

Well, one thing that we know about AWOL Academy is there that there is no one cost associated with them. As discussed above, they have different levels of training and each has its own cost. Furthermore, they have many hidden costs that we have discussed above as well. But if we talk about the courses only then the cost ranges from $99 to $9997.

Is There A Refund Policy For AWOL Academy Courses?

Yes! There is and that is one of the best parts of joining AWOL Academy. They have a 14-day money-back guarantee where they will refund 100% amount you paid for any of their courses. Furthermore, they may also let you have some of their products even after getting your money back.

BBB Rating Information About AWOL Academy

We think that it is the right of everyone to know the BBB information of every business they are thinking of getting associated with in any way. And as for AWOL Academy, you will be investing a lot of time and money in it so it is crucial that you know their BBB information. Here are the details that we uncovered:

  • The rating that AWOL Academy received from the Better Business Bureau is “B.”
  • They have over 45 customer reviews and they got this “B” rating based on their reviews.
  • They got a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 on BBB.
  • The main complaint posted by people on BBB is that they did not like the bombardment of upsells and the extra money required for further training.

You can find the updated BBB information about AWOL Academy at the official website of Better Business Bureau here.

Pros and Cons of AWOL Academy


  • They offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Other people who have done reviews on AWOL Academy have mentioned that they honor their money-back guarantee and behave very politely.
  • They also have a Facebook group for their members so their community can discuss basic or advanced techniques.
  • They have their own affiliate program that has excellent potential for earning good money.
  • The courses have the information that is necessary for running a successful business online and the knowledge is very practical.
  • They have a decent BBB rating.


  • They have a lot of upsells that can be very annoying.
  • Their courses are very expensive as compared to their competitors.
  • Their advertising appears to be dishonest because the house used in their ad is the same house as other people promoting similar programs.
  • The Internet has mixed reviews about this program.
  • The advertisement doesn’t include important information such as pricing structure, hidden costs, accurate information about their competitors and more.

So…Is The AWOL Academy Worth It?

This is the most important question that you should be asking yourself and we can tell you a few things to point you in a direction. To answer the question yourself, keep these following things in mind:

  • Make sure that you understand that the training will take months before you start to see progress and results. You will have to be patient; it’s the key here!
  • You can join their monthly subscription to test out the waters first and then you can upgrade to Pro Academy to further analyze if it’s for you or not!
  • If you are doing it for the $10,000 in 90 days then remember, this claim only applies if you spend $10k on their AWOL Elite program and follow the strict rules created by them, otherwise the guarantee will not be applicable.
  • AWOL Academy might be best for experienced marketers looking for a higher level of training for online marketing and promotion of different products and programs online, don’t hope much to learn things other than that.

So these are a few things that you should keep in mind when deciding to join this program. If you are an experienced online marketer and are looking to get better at what you already do, then you may want to join AWOL Academy. But I WOULD NOT recommend this training for beginners wanting to get into affiliate marketing.

Final Words

Because of the so much noise from mixed reviews out there, it can be pretty hard to hear that sweet sound that is telling you to choose a particular path to success. But, if you have a clear-cut goal of getting into affiliate marketing and want to get mentorship for it then we suggest that you should not just limit yourself to AWOL Academy. Granted, they are not a scam, but they are WAY TOO expensive and not everyone has $10k lying around to experiment with their mentorship.

So, we suggest that you learn about other affiliate marketing programs, compare their reviews, prices and success stories and then decide which one is best for you. If you would like to see our #1 recommended program for beginner affiliate marketers, click here!

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