Best Niches To Make Money Online In 2019

People getting started with their blogging career usually find it daunting to decide on a niche that has a good demand and earning potential. According to Statista; the number of bloggers in the U.S. alone is set to reach 31.7 million by 2020 and in this massive competition, you need to find a niche in which you can not only survive but thrive.

Granted, there are tons of untouched niche markets in 2019 that are yet to be explored. But the purpose of this guide is not to tell you the untouched niches, but to tell you the niche market ideas that have both demand and money. So if you are interested in knowing the best niches to make money online are, give this article a thorough read.

Why Knowing Good Niche Market Ideas is Important?

There are not hundreds, but thousands of niches out there that many of us don’t even know about. But do you think that all of those niches are doing well? If so then why haven’t you or me have only heard about a few hundred of them? This is because those niches don’t have good money in them and if you want to earn online, you need to focus on the money part when selecting a niche market.

The only way you can get a handsome earning or even totally crush it is if you know niche market ideas that are worth looking into. And you don’t have to go for the untapped niche markets, because there are some parameters that you should consider when deciding a niche market:

  • Stable popularity graph on Google Trends
  • Low competition keywords in the niche
  • An active audience on competitor blogs
  • Profitable affiliate offers on different Affiliate Networks
  • Ads on Google related to your niche [Optional]

If you want to know more about what these parameters are and how to look for them in a niche then we strongly recommend you read our comprehensive guide on finding a niche market for your website. You will know everything that you need to not only validate profitable niches with low competition but also find niches on your own.

Why Only 3 Niche Markets?

We can just go ahead and tell you ‘1500 niche untouched niche markets 2019’ like most of the blogs do but to be honest, there’s no point in doing that because:

  • Nobody has time to go through all of those
  • The amount of data will simply confuse you or cause decision paralysis
  • You will be spending weeks in analyzing all of the information instead of just taking action

So to keep things simple and beneficial for you, we have decided to just go with the most profitable and high demand niches.

Best Niche Markets to Make Money Online


This market is not going anywhere anytime soon and has a lot of potential for earning good money. Having an animal as a companion is a major part of Western society and is slowly taking over the whole world. There are even people who, due to personal or medical reasons, can’t have kids and they raise pets instead that are referred to as their ‘fur babies.’

Best Niches To Make Money Online In 2019 1

You can see how much potential this niche market holds. Granted that it is a very competitive niche and it will take a lot of time and effort for you to build your audience base, but once you have an audience, you can earn big money. Pet care market is expected to reach $202.6 billion by 2025 (Grand View Research). This means a lot of earning potential for you. To get an idea of the demand in this market, look at its popularity trend below:

You can see how smooth its popularity graph is, which only means you are going to make a decent earning if you put enough effort into it.


If video games interest you and you have good knowledge about them, then you can also enter in the gaming niche market. It not only has excellent demand and a very bright future but a lot of money as well. If gamers can spend hundreds or even thousands on buying skins for their characters then they can surely spend a few bucks on products you offer to them through your blog.

Best Niches To Make Money Online In 2019 2

Furthermore, your niche doesn’t have to be limited to gaming only, you can also enter in the electronic gadgets niche and review gaming devices and that can earn you some money as well. Currently, the market value of the gaming industry is over $135 billion (Gamers Industry) and it is only going to increase in the future.

As you can see, the graph shows a steady trend that is going upwards which means if you have the knowledge of the industry, and you are willing to put in some effort and time, you can do well in this niche market.

Home Security:

Nobody wants to turn their whole home into a maximum-security fortress but having some sort of security especially when the crime rate is only increasing is everyone’s priority. This is the reason why the demand for the home security industry is currently on the rise and the market value is expected to hit $57.73 billion by 2022. (Reuters)

Best Niches To Make Money Online In 2019 3

The best part is that there are a lot of sub-niches in the home security niche such as video doorbells, PIR lighting systems, and Wi-Fi security camera systems and more. Though the market is relatively new, it still has a very good popularity trend.

So if you jump in the industry with adequate knowledge regarding any sub-niche, you can quickly establish your audience base and then, of course, monetize your website.

Bonus: 3 Profitable Untapped Niche Markets that Are Quickly Emerging

  • Renewable Energy: People are going crazy over solar systems and how much they can save with them. You can explore this industry further to see if it’s the right one for you.
  • Cannabis: Now with the legalization of CBD in different states of the U.S, the demand for CBD is rising rapidly. As a blogger and affiliate marketer, you can leverage this opportunity.
  • Virtual Reality: More and more interactive games are being introduced for virtual reality and you can actually combine it with the gaming nice.

Over to You:

Well, that’s all that you need to know regarding the top niche ideas 2019 and beyond. Granted that you may need to make some effort to reach a place where you are earning a decent income, but if you are willing to make that effort, you will surely make a place for yourself in any of these niches.

Also, we strongly recommend you read our comprehensive guide on finding a niche market for your website. You will know everything that you need to not only validate profitable niches with low competition but also find niches on your own.

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