eCom Success Academy Review (2020)

Before we get started with our eCom Success Academy review 2020, let me clear the doubt that is lingering in your mind and in the minds of many people who are thinking of starting this business; IS DROPSHIPPING DEAD? Well, NO, it’s not dead but the competition has increased significantly. And that is exactly why you need a training program more than ever that can teach you how you can create your own successful Shopify store, grow it and then sustain in this cut-throat competition. 

One of many training programs related to Shopify dropshipping is eCom Success Academy but the question is; is it legit or another scam that claims to make you a millionaire in a few weeks? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in this eCom Success Academy 2020 review. 

We will look at what this course is, who is behind it, what’s inside it, the good and bad of it and finally if it’s a scam or not. So if you are also super interested in knowing about this course, which I know you are because you are here to read an honest review about it, then let’s get the show started:

eCom Success Academy Summary

  • Product Name: eCom Success Academy
  • Created By: Adrian Morrison
  • Product Type: Dropshipping Training Platform
  • eCom Success Academy Cost: One-time payment of $2,495 or three installments of $997.
  • Best For: Those people who are searching for a reliable program that can help them start their own e-commerce business from scratch or the ones who want to further improve their existing business.
  • Recommended: Yes, but for those who have extra money laying around besides the fee of $2,500 for Facebook Ads.

What is the eCom Success Academy?

It is a training program that focuses on teaching people how they can start their e-commerce store from scratch and maintain it. The program uses Shopify for building e-commerce businesses and leverages Facebook for advertising. The eCom Success Academy program is developed by Adrian Morrison who is a well-known expert on the topic of e-commerce and he has shared his techniques and tactics for starting and growing an e-commerce store in this program. 

The program has a lot of modules which can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner, however, the videos in every module are mostly short. Also, the contents of the program are well-structured which means you will be moving one step a time. 

Furthermore, as of 2019, the creator of the program, Adrian has now become one of the six people in the world who got the chance of becoming a lead mentor in the Shopify Academy Training Program which is approved by Shopify and is filmed in their HQ! The Adrians eCom Success Academy is also verified by Shopify and you can see it on their website

The whole legal and content team of Shopify went through his course, vetted it and then approved it which shows the program has something valuable to offer for sure but is it for everyone? Well, that is what you will know by the end of this eCom Success Academy review 2020. 

Who is Adrian Morrison?

adrian morrison

If you Google Adrian Morrison, you will see a lot of results will be directly related to him about e-commerce which tells you he is someone popular! On his website, he is described as “an author, speaker, and marketer who has coached thousands of people online.” If you check out his social media, he has around 250k+ followers on Instagram, 118k+ followers on Facebook Page. He also has a channel on YouTube with more than 16k subscribers. 

These things surely give away that he is popular and liked by people which tells you about his credibility as well. However, it is a little difficult to get verified info about Adrian’s e-commerce ventures because although he claims in his YouTube videos that he has made millions of dollars selling products online, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has been profitable. Selling something is one thing and making a profit is a different thing. 

On online business publications such as Entrepreneur which are a neutral party, you won’t see Adrian making such claims. Now, this doesn’t mean that he is lying, it is just not verified. So you are left with hundreds of positive reviews that are left by his students. But he must be offering something valuable that compelled his students to say good things about him and the fact that he is accredited by Shopify also hints that he has expertise in e-commerce. 

Lastly, Adrian also runs an online show every week named “The Profit Power Hour”. His goal through that show is to educate people about e-commerce and internet marketing and thousands of people watch that show.  

Inside eCom Success Academy

eCom Success Academy Review (2020) 1

Now that the introduction part of our review is over, let’s move to the real deal which is the modules of this program. It is a step-by-step solution that is designed in a way that guides people about the process of developing, publishing and then managing their Shopify store. 

A lot of the students of Adrian claim that they make truckloads of money using the training provided in this course, now we don’t know how true that claim is but if a lot of people are saying it then maybe you can check out the course itself and know for sure? 

Anyways, to give you a basic idea of what you can expect from the course, we have listed the modules with their basic summarization, so let’s have a look: 

  • Shopify: This is the first module that consists of eight sub-modules containing 40 videos in total. This module covers everything from joining the Shopify platform to establishing a brand. The videos contain enough details for a majority of people including newbies to understand what is being discussed but they are also not very long that may bore people with basic knowledge.
  • Product Sourcing: This is the module dedicated to outsourcing the most profitable and best-performing products to sell in your store. It contains 11 videos that give insights on how people make hundreds of dollars by creating store and outsourcing products which is a real eye-opener.
  • Facebook: Another very big module that has 11 sub-modules in it containing over 50 videos in total. These videos contain both the paid and free methods for promoting your online store using Facebook. You can get organic traffic through Facebook page and also run paid ads to get massive traffic and eventually start to get conversions.
  • Email Marketing: You might be wondering why an outdated tactic that not even Amazon sellers use nowadays has to do with Shopify business. Well, you will be surprised how powerful it can be if you use the innovative ways taught by Adrian that have helped him massively increase his sales.
  • Building the A-Team: This is one of the most neglected aspects of a majority of e-commerce courses. People are not taught team building and team management which is crucial if you are planning on building a million-dollar empire. Well, this course teaches you that so you can automate the business in the future and enjoy a passive income while sipping your Pina Colada on a Jamaican beach.

There are some more valuable things that you will get from this program that make it a total package for people who are SERIOUS about their future and financial independence. 

Some Additional Stuff You Get

As I discussed above, there are some more things that you get with the program aside from its core modules and these additional things can be very beneficial for your online business as well. Well let’s see what they are:

  • Weekly Live Stream: Adrian hosts a weekly training series named Profit Power Hour that is undoubtedly a very valuable addition to the program. He talks about the latest news in the industry and also talks about the newest insights and settings for marketing campaigns.
  • Shopify Discount: You will be using the Shopify platform for your e-commerce business and it is not available for free. However, there is a discount for the students of the eCom Success Academy. You can get a 15% discount on the subscription if you are a student of the program. 
  • Shopify Apps: Adrian has a Shopify store that he runs and whatever apps he uses for his store, you will also be given access to all of these tools ranging from Facebook and Instagram retargeting apps to the tools that can help you find the best products.
  • Daily Coaching: One of the best addition to the training program is the live coaching where you can ask all of your questions and get live replies, however, you will need to do all of the work by yourself because no one is going to do things for you.

This additional stuff can provide you with a solid base to get started and take your business to the skies, however, doing all the work and following the training is a must.

eCom Success Academy Advantages

It’s Comprehensive Yet Concise:

There are some programs similar to eCom Success Academy like the Amazing Selling Machine by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, except that it only teaches you how you can make money on Amazon. What both of these training programs have in common is that both of them are comprehensive but also specific to their relevant niches. There is no overload of information that can overwhelm the beginners.

In the case of eCom Success Academy, you are only trained to leverage three platforms for your business’s success which are; Shopify, Email Marketing and Facebook. What I mean to say is that there is no beating around the bush or lengthy videos discussing non-relevant things for the most part and useful things at the end. 

This not only saves time but also helps the students only learn what they have signed up for and don’t get confused. And it’s not just great for the novices, it works as a refresher course for the industry experts who want to stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry and also get their hands on a few valuable tactics.

Shopify Certified:

As I discussed at the beginning, eCom Success Academy is one of the few courses on Shopify that are vetted and certified by the platform itself. This means that this course has something valuable to offer otherwise a million-dollar company like Shopify wouldn’t have listed it as their certified course here

So this alone puts an end to the debate whether it is a scam or not because it’s not! Now it's all up to the students whether they properly follow the training and take action or leave the course halfway and write a lengthy review saying eCom Success Academy is a scam. 

There are Success Stories:

It is worth noting that some of their students have become very successful after their training. One of them is Gaspar Tratnik and you can find his testimonial if you look up on Google. He is a student of eCom Success Academy who created the store GT Collection that sells jewelry. Here’s what he posted in the private Facebook group of eCom Success Academy:

ecom success academy testimonial

There are more testimonials from different students and you can have a look at them here.

No Claims of Getting Rich Quick!

Most of the training programs, sorry SCAM training programs make claims that you will start to make a truckload of money by going through their programs which is a bogus thing to say because not everyone joining a particular training is going to make it. 

The good thing about eCom Success Academy is that they don’t make such claims which also shows they are not here to lure people into their program by showing them golden dreams. Although it is an expensive program, it certainly doesn’t make any claims that it’s not able to live up to.

Also, there is no doubt that if you are sincere with yourself and you do full justice to the training, you too can make good money. 

eCom Success Academy Drawbacks

Hefty Price Tag:

It’s quite expensive; No doubt about that and on top of the $2.5k, you are also not getting any money-back guarantee or even a free demo which makes it more deterring for many people. Now there is no doubt that the course has value to offer but giving some sort of leverage to people like a money-back guarantee would have been much better. 

However, other e-commerce courses like Amazing Selling Machine come with a hefty price tag of $4,000 and the Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James costs nearly $2,000 so if you compare, it’s not the only course which is expensive.

Marketing Platforms are Limited:

The training material itself is quite extensive which is good. However, when it comes to marketing platforms, only Facebook and Email marketing are discussed. I mean there are many other platforms like Google, Instagram, and YouTube that are left out. So if they are charging a hefty price of $2,495 then they should’ve included at least one more module, preferably bringing free traffic from Google.

Many other cheaper courses include the above-mentioned marketing methods as well but the core focus of eCom Success Academy is on Facebook advertising which is I personally don’t like.

Bad Rating on Better Business Bureau:

They are indeed certified by Shopify itself, however, when it comes to eCom Success Academy BBB ratings, they are not good. They have an “F” rating on Better Business Bureau and are not even accredited by BBB which is odd considering how Shopify has certified them.

They have also received a few negative reviews on their BBB profile which begs the question; can everyone make it by going through their course? Well, you are the one to decide that, we can only offer you information. Here’s the BBB profile we are talking about!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that people have asked about this program over the internet so I thought why not answer some of the more repeated ones in this eCom Success Academy 2020 review? So here are the five most frequently asked questions:

How Much Does the eCom Success Academy Cost?

There are two types of fee structures; one-time fee and installment plan. If you go with the one-time fee, you will have to pay $2,495. And if you go with the installments, then you need to make three payments of $997 where you need to make the first payment when you purchase the course then the next one in 30 days and the final one in 60 days.

What is the eCom Success Academy Refund Policy?

There is no refund policy for the eCom Success Academy course and that means the moment you pay them, the sale is final and there is no going back. Their website says; “There is a NO REFUNDS policy in action with this product. Sales are final” this is literally what it says. You can visit here and see it for yourself.

How Soon Can I Make Money with this Course?

There is no hard and fast rule here which means the results can vary depending upon your level of understanding of things and practical application. As soon as you make the store and start running ads on Facebook, you may start getting sales and if you have chosen a profitable product then that means you start getting profit.

Is It The Best Training Program For Dropshipping?

Although it is a good course with a lot of valuable content, I would not call it the best course! Firstly, it is very expensive, secondly, there is no refund and lastly, there are many alternatives with lesser cost and the same standard if not better.

Is Success Academy Worth the Money? 

You are the one to decide this because $2,500 is a lot of money and can be used as startup capital for your dropshipping business. But on the other hand, if you jump into this business without learning its ropes, you might lose a major chunk of it. 

So training is also important but that doesn’t mean you have to go with this training because there are much cheaper alternatives with valuable content so you can explore the internet to look at them as well. 

You also need to remember that besides this course, you need have some money ready to be spent on Facebook ads so the total budget for learning, launching and promoting your Shopify business will exceed $2,500. If you can afford that then this course might be a good option for you.

Is eCom Success Academy a Scam?

Based on what we have discussed above, I would conclude that eCom Success Academy is as legit as other valuable courses in the market and it can offer you a lot of valuable content. It is worth noting that the course is created by the top-level internet marker and successful Shopify store owner Adrian which also tells you that you will be learning some pretty useful stuff.

However, two things that bother me the most are the $2,500 price and no refund policy but if you are someone who can afford it then you should check it out. If you want a simple answer to whether you will get value for the money then the answer will be YES and NO!

Yes for people who have some extra money laying around besides the $2,500 because you need to spend on Facebook ads as well. So if you have the money and time to follow the training religiously then you may reach somewhere.

However, it is a no for people who don’t have more than $2,500 to invest because FB Advertising can require a lot of capital, plus, you might have to get another course solely for FB ads if you want to learn more about advanced level FB advertising like the Ad Bidding.

eCom Success Academy Pros and Cons


  • Very thorough, yet to the point course
  • You will get lifetime access to its contents
  • Support is known to be very good
  • Leverages very powerful tools for finding best performing ads on Facebook
  • Recognized by Shopify
  • No claims for making you rich very quickly
  • There are success stories of its students
  • Great learning material for both novices and experts
  • Many bonus contents like live webinars and Shopify discount


  • The enrollment fee is quite expensive
  • It only teaches you the ropes of this business and running ads, you need to do all of the hard work by yourself; there is no spoon-feeding
  • Not accredited by BBB and also has a bad rating
  • Only Facebook is focused on marketing which limits your traffic building options


There is no doubt that Adrian Morrison has created this training program for earning money and not solely out of his love for humanity! However, besides its hefty price tag and no refund policy, it still gives you some pretty good insights to building your dropshipping business from the ground. Therefore, we cannot call it a scam, however, we would recommend that you go into this course only if you have a good amount of money laying around for experimentation besides the fee of this course. That additional money is going to be used for Facebook advertising so you can start getting sales.

The purpose of this review was not to tell you what you should do; you are an intellectual person so you can decide on your own. My job was to provide you with honest information with you and share the good, bad and ugly sides of this program which I believe I did. So make sure to conduct some more research if you want, take time to think, explore other courses as well and then decide what you should do! Also, check out my tools page for all the services I use and strongly recommend for everyone!

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