How To Drive Traffic To Your Site With YouTube And Make Money

There are over 1.5 billion websites live on the internet (Internet Live Stats), and that means there will be thousands of websites in your niche, which obviously means higher competition for you. So if you want to thrive and not just survive in this cut-throat competitive environment, you need to use every source you can to drive people to your website and YouTube is one of them.

YouTube has a massive audience but still, only 9% of the small businesses use YouTube (emarketer). So this means there’s plenty of room for you to get in and build a brand as famous marketers such as Brian Dean and Neil Patel have done. This guide is going to talk about the reasons and strategies on how to drive traffic to your site with YouTube, so make sure to pay attention until the end.

Why You Should Use YouTube to Promote Your Blog or Website?

According to TubeFilter; YouTube has around 2 billion monthly active users making it one of the biggest sources for bringing traffic to your website. This alone is the biggest reason why you should be using YouTube to promote your blog or website but to help you understand more clearly, we have outlined some more reasons below:

  • Your Content Gets Seen through Multiple Ways: When you post a video on YouTube, you will not only appear in the search results of YouTube but also in the search results of Google. This means your video will get organic traffic from outside of YouTube as well. So the more your video appears in different search results, the more views you will get, and that will ultimately lead to more traffic to your website.
  • You Build a Connection with the Audience: The best way to connect with people on the internet and build trust is by showing your face to the audience and letting them hear your voice. This will be much more impactful in building your audience’s confidence in you than just using words. For instance, if you are a digital marketer and you tell your audience the secret tips for succeeding in digital marketing through YouTube videos, you are implying that you are an authority in your niche so when you invite your audience to visit your website to know more, they will gladly do that.
  • Your Conversion Rates Will Increase: Once your audience starts to trust you and recognize you as a credible source in your niche, they will be more interested in buying what you offer rather than going for the product of someone who they barely know. This means that the traffic that you will be driving to your website from YouTube will be ready to convert.

So these are a few reasons that should be enough to convince you why YouTube is an excellent way of driving traffic to your blog.

Best Practices to Use YouTube Videos To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Now that you know why you should be using YouTube to get traffic to your website, it is imperative that you work on some of the best practices that most of the popular YouTubers are using nowadays. So with that said, let’s see the top practices below:

Make Your Videos Short:

You don’t have to create long YouTube videos to make them valuable or appear as an authority in your niche. Small videos without any fluff can do the job as well. Plus, according to a recent study by Digital Information World; the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds today. This means by keeping your videos short and to the point, you will keep your viewers interested in what you have to say in the video.

Furthermore, to drive your visitors to your blog, you need to add a call to action and most of the CTAs are added at the end of the video. So if your video is too long, many of your viewers may close the video or move on to another similar video before you even get a chance to invite them to your blog. So it is imperative that you keep your videos as short as possible.

And now you may ask; how short is ‘short’? Well, according to the research by Minimatters; popular videos have an average length of 4 minutes. Furthermore, videos under 4 minutes retain 60% of their viewers till the end while videos under 2 minutes can keep up to 75% of the audience. As mentioned above, the attention span of people is shorter in today’s world so the quicker you get to the point the better.

Create a Summarized Video:

Though it may seem tempting to just read your blog post out loud to your audience, it is not a good idea and may actually backfire on your plans to generate traffic for your blog. The main reason for that is if you are going to tell everything written in your blog post to your audience, what would be the reason for them to visit your blog then?

Furthermore, you need to keep your videos short to maintain the attention span of the audience so they can watch the video till the end because reading out the whole blog post will only make it longer. So you need to ask yourself; how you can tell what your blog post is about in under 4 minutes or better yet, 2 minutes because videos that are 2 minutes long get most of the engagement (Impact).

One thing that you can do is write a script that encompasses the main points and the unique ideas from your blog to compel your audience to visit your actual blog post and read it completely.  

Provide Supplemental Information:

If you have already created a video on the topic of your blog post and want to create some more videos to drive traffic to the same blog post then you can create videos with supplemental information. What this means is that you talk about something else that is related to your blog and connect it with your blog to send some traffic to it.

For instance, let’s say you have a blog post regarding the tips for excelling at social media advertising and you are making a video on how to start your own social media advertising agency. You can add a call to action in your video suggesting people your blog post on tips for excelling at social media advertising if they further want to improve their skills.

So this way, you are connecting two different contents that have unique topics but are still relevant to each other. This is another excellent practice of sending traffic to your blog post that already has a video.

Have a Clear Call-To-Action:

Embedding the call to action in your video is the most important part of your whole effort to drive traffic from YouTube to your website. The primary reason for that is people would only visit your website if they know that you have a detailed post about the video on your website, how they can get to your post and why should they?

The latter is the most important factor in your call to action because people need to know what value they get if they do what you are asking them to do. So in short, there are three things that a clear CTA should have:

  • What does your audience need to do? (Visit your website)
  • How do they need to do it? (By clicking on the link in the description)
  • Why should they do it? (Because they will get some value out of it)

If these points are not present in your call to action, it is useless to add it to your video. So now that you know what to add in your call to action, let’s see an example to make it easy for you to understand.

Let’s say you are telling people about the latest practices of digital marketing and you provide them with an overview of all the practices in your blog. And in the end, you add a call to action telling them that if they want to study these practices in detail with stats and case studies then they should visit your detailed post by clicking on the link in the description.

This is how it works and that is how you can attract people to actually get them to visit your website. Now if you are wondering where to add the call to action, then we will cover that later in this article so make sure to stick with us till the end.

Some Useful Traffic Generating Strategies

Strategy #1: Tie Yourself to Your Website

The first very useful strategy to work on is to connect yourself with your website so that your viewers can instantly know where to go if they want to read more of your content. So this is actually the first call to action that you will present to your audience in a way, they won’t even notice. You can say something as simple as:

‘Hello, I am (your name) from (’

The benefit of doing this at the start is that when you invite your audience to your website to read the whole blog post, they will already be familiar with your website so your CTA at the end of the video will only reinforce the idea of them visiting your website.

Strategy #2: Tell People What to Do

According to a study by Bain & Company; 87% of customers will provide referrals if you ask them. This same concept can be applied to YouTube videos by asking visitors to visit your website.

Or if you are sending your audience to a landing page for email collection purposes then tell them that they need to enter their email on the page to sign up for the free eBook or whatever incentive you are offering them.

You can say ‘Thank you for watching the video, please visit the link in the description to read a full blog post on how to get started with social media marketing in 2019’

Strategy #3: Leverage Description Column

Many bloggers ignore the fact that people DO read the description of YouTube videos and you can include valuable content in it to further compel people to check out your detailed blog post. So the first thing you need to do is to add your blog’s link at the start of the description and you can just simply say;

‘Learn To Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Business:’

Secondly, you need to add a few paragraphs of what you have discussed in the video and this way; you can add the link to your blog at the end of the description as well. So that if someone forgets to click on the link at the start of the description, they will do it at the end.


Well, that’s all for this guide on getting traffic with YouTube. Just make sure to come up with high-quality blog posts so that when people visit it, they actually find it valuable and that will only increase your audience. Furthermore, do not include the whole blog post in your video, just go over the main points and invite people to read the detailed version at your blog.

Do you have a blog or website and are wondering how to get people to see your site? Check out how to drive traffic to your site using one of the most popular platforms available! #affiliatemarketingforbeginners #makemoneyonline #blogging #success

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