How To Find A Niche Market For Your Website [Step-By-Step Guide]

According to Statista; the number of bloggers in the U.S. alone is set to reach 31.7 million in 2020 that makes the blogging industry pretty saturated. This means it will be hard to find a good niche market in present times and that is what makes people wonder how to find a profitable niche market? Are you wondering the same? Well, then this guide to finding niche market ideas is going to provide you with TONS of value.

This guide will discuss the four crucial steps on how to find a niche market for your site and can give you a precise idea of which market you want to enter. I'll talk about each step in detail to help you understand every nook of finding a profitable niche market and increasing your income in 2019 and beyond. So with that said, let’s get started:

4 Steps to Finding Profitable Niche Markets

1. Look into Your Passions and Interests

The best way to finding a niche market that you can easily work on is by looking at your passions, interests, skills, and hobbies first. It doesn’t matter if it is profitable or not. Just write them down, and we will validate all the niche ideas at the end of this guide. Now there are two reasons why you should first find a niche in your interests:

  • You Will Be Motivated: Setting up a WordPress website takes time, energy and money as well. Though you can quickly set up your website using the tools and resources available at Wealthy Affiliate, it still takes labor and time to get your website going and receive some traction. According to TechJury; as of 2019, out of 1.6 billion registered websites, there are only 181 million active websites. So if you do not like your niche at all, you will lose interest soon, and your website may end up in that list of inactive sites.
  • Audience Will Know you’re Authentic: If you are interested in the niche you are writing on, then it means you have some or great knowledge about it. But if you don’t have any existing knowledge, your niche audience can easily recognize it and may not see you as an authentic source of information. As reported by HubSpot; Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. So if you have an interest in a niche, you will obviously have knowledge about it.

2. Get Inspiration From Your Surroundings

Now that you have a list of niches related to your interests, you need to find some niches by looking at things in your surroundings and also at the problems you face in daily life. Put on your marketing hat, carry a note pad and a pen and note things you do in the whole day such as:

  • Conversations with others
  • Things you see on the news
  • Products you use
  • Activities you engage in
  • Places that you visit
  • Things you see or hear about
  • Things you discover when watching TV or reading Newspaper

Note down all of the ideas you get from these things in a separate list and then ask the following questions to further refine this list:

  • Will people, other than you, be interested in these niches?
  • Will people spend money on the products in these niches?
  • Are there any problems present in these niches that YOU can solve?
  • Are there any things in the niches that make people happy?

Even if some of these answers are in ‘yes’ then you can take those ideas and write them down in a list of potential niche ideas along with the ones that you are interested in.

3. Examine Trends on Popular Websites

This is another way to find some popular niche markets. Remember, you need to do whatever you can to find a profitable niche market because that will ultimately decide how profitable you are going to be. So with that said, the third step is to find some more niches by observing trends on popular websites. Here’s how you can use popular websites to find hot niche markets that can be very profitable:

  • Amazon: Go to, and you will see different categories on the first page, go in any one category that interests you and then keep going into its sub-niches to find potential niche markets for your blog. You can also check out the ‘best sellers’ page at Amazon to see popular and trending markets.
  • Google Trends: More than 92% of users around the world search on Google (Stats Counter). This means they are able to gather data on trending topics form a majority of people around the world. So to see what’s hot, go to Hot Trends section and then go to real-time searches tab and select the category of your interest at the top right corner and see what is being searched the most on the internet. Alternatively, you can go to the Explore section and see the most searched topics and note them down.
  • ClickBank: Create an account on this website and then once you sign-in, you will see a broad list of categories of different affiliate offers. Click on the arrow beside any category to see its subcategories. Go into any subcategory and the ‘best-selling’ products in that category will give you an idea of a popular niche. For instance, if you go into the fitness subcategory of the main category of health, you will see offers like yoga for back pain or belly reduction workout. These products will give you an idea of a niche market in back problems or fat reduction.
  • Yahoo: Go to, and you will see a ‘Trending Now’ section on the right side. There will be a top 10 trending topics provided in that section. Note down the topics that interest you.
  • Twitter Trending: According to Journalism.Org; 74% of Twitter users say that they use it to get news on a daily basis which makes Twitter a perfect place to find niche topics that a majority of people will be interested in. So to do that, log on to your Twitter and check the ‘What’s Trending’ section. You will see a list of topics that are trending, note them down.

4. Validate Your Niches

Now that you have created a list of niche ideas from your interests, from your surroundings and by examining the popular trends over the internet, it is now time to validate those ideas and make a new list of the ones that have some traction to them.

Check on Google Trends for Popularity Graph:

The first thing that you need to do is to look at the popularity of every niche. Pick the first niche, type it in Google Trend’s search box and then see its popularity graph.

If the graph is in an upward trend and has a good popularity for at least one year, then it means it is not a seasonal thing, and you will then move towards the next step with it. Here’s an example of a good graph:

How To Find A Niche Market For Your Website [Step-By-Step Guide] 1

See Search Volume Through Keyword Research:  

The second step is to search the niche in Google’s Keywords finder to see the search volume for the niche topic and the keywords related to it.

It should have at least 1000 searches per month for low competition keywords and 10,000 searches per month for high competition keywords.

How To Find A Niche Market For Your Website [Step-By-Step Guide] 2
How To Find A Niche Market For Your Website [Step-By-Step Guide] 3

If your niche topic and/or its surrounding keywords have a good amount of searches per month, then move on to the third step. See an example below:

Validate Online Activity on Other Blogs:

Now you need to see what type of blogs are already established in your niche market and how much online activity is there. Keep in mind that there should not be too many big established brands in your niche market like Neil Patel and Backlinko in the SEO niche market. One or two big fish are acceptable but having too many may require a lot of effort to be able to reach the top.

Secondly, open all of the websites on the first page and second page and see the activity there. If the blogs are updated on a daily basis and if there are a lot of comments from people on each blog then that means you have selected a niche market with a very active audience which is a good thing.

Optional Steps

See if there are Ads on Google:

Now, this is an optional thing so even if your niche topics don’t fit on these criteria, don’t fret! So what you can do here is search the niche topic and its related keywords on Google and Bing to see if you can find any ads.

If there are ads for products related to your niche, then it means people are making money which is why they are paying for advertisements. Here’s how the ads would look like:

How To Find A Niche Market For Your Website [Step-By-Step Guide] 4

Check Amazon Products to Assess Demand:

Amazon sells over 12 million products, where books, media, wine, and services are not even included. (Source: NChannel). That is why Amazon is without a doubt a behemoth in the e-commerce industry which is a good thing for someone finding a niche market.

How To Find A Niche Market For Your Website [Step-By-Step Guide] 5

So the way you can use Amazon to validate the demand of your niche idea is by searching it on Amazon. If you see lots of listings with thousands of reviews, then it means that your niche idea has a huge demand. This will also help you get some perspective on whether you should go for the niche idea or not. Here’s how it should look:

So these are all the steps that you need to take to validate your niche ideas and make a list of those that fall under the criteria given above.

Once you have created a new list of all the validated niches, you now need to pick the one that has the highest demand and lowest competition, and if you also have an interest in that niche market then that’s is a big PLUS.

Over To You

Once you have found the niche market, you would want to start a blog, and for that, you will need to set up a website. Furthermore, you would need to understand how to find blog ideas and how you can write a killer blog post on your selected topic. So for that, you might find these guides very useful:

So that is it for this guide, make sure first to gather tons of ideas and not worry about whether there is a demand for them because we will validate that demand in the last step. Also, try to go for a niche market that you would be interested in so that you don’t abandon your website after some time.

If you're looking to make money online, then you would definitely want to find a niche. Not sure what a niche is? Well, you're in luck! Check out my detailed guide on how to pick a profitable niche to get started today! #affiliatemarketing #business #blogger #success

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