How To Make Money With An Email List – 5 Practical Ways

How to make money with an email list? This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to making money online. According to Statista; there are around 5.6 billion active email accounts on the internet as of 2019 which means you have a lot of fish to catch.

But first, you need to understand that your email list must be active, which means they are in contact with you through emails or by actively visiting your blog and commenting on your posts.

The reason for that is because active subscribers will be likely to convert on the offers you send them. So if you have a list of such people, here are the top 5 ways to make money sending emails to them:

1. Send People to Your Blog

When you have created your blog and are actively posting content on it, you will start to build your audience and that’s when you will collect their emails. And with that, you will obviously monetize your blog by putting ads on it. If you don’t know, you get paid when people visit your blog if it has ads appearing on it. So here’s how you earn by sending people to your blog:

  • You send an email to people in your list asking them to visit your new blog posts
  • People will open your email, visit the blog and obviously spend some time reading it
  • And the more people visit your blog, the more money you will make as your blog posts will have ads in them

This is the typical way that virtually every blogger uses to earn some cash. And if your readers find the ads on your blog interesting, they might click on those ads and you will make money from those clicks as well. For more info on making money with a blog, check out our detailed guide here.

2. Promote Affiliate Offers

This is another way that many bloggers use to earn a healthy income. If you have a list of people who love your blog and are avid readers of your posts, you can send them affiliate offers. Here’s how it typically goes:

  • First, sign up for an affiliate marketplace. You can also read our detailed post on affiliate marketing for more details.
  • Now you need to find offers that are related to your niche
  • Once you have the offer, you can send your affiliate link to your email list
  • People are already interested in your niche which is why they follow your blog
  • So when they get an email with an offer for a product they might need, they make the purchase
  • Once they purchase it, you get the commission

You can make thousands through this method if you have a big list and an interesting offer.

3. Embed Ads in Your Newsletter

As a blogger, you send a weekly or monthly newsletter to your audience providing them valuable content. What you can do here is get a company to pay you to sponsor your newsletter. So let’s say if you have a blog about mixed martial arts, companies like RDX or Everlast can pay you to include their advertisement in your newsletter. Here’s what typically goes into this method:

  • Either you contact brands in your niche or they contact you
  • You decide a rate for each message you send that can be even up to $100 or more
  • You place their banner in your newsletter or talk about them in your email
  • You show the report of how many messages you have sent to the company sponsoring you and get paid

This is literally as easy as it sounds. What you need is to appear as the authority in the niche and a huge list of emails so higher paying sponsors can do business with you.

4. Sell Your Own Products

If you run an e-commerce store or have products on websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. then you can just ask people to check out your product and if they are interested in it, they might end up buying it. This works great if you have an email list of people who have subscribed to your blog and your blog’s niche is related to the product you are selling. This way, you will be sending highly relevant product offers to the people who are already interested in the niche which means higher chances of getting a sale. Here’s how it typically works:

  • You think of how you can make your product offer attractive to the potential customer
  • Create an attractive email clearly pointing out the discount or an attractive offer
  • Send the email to the whole list
  • Now people will go to the link and some may make the purchase as well
  • If you get abandoned carts, retarget those people to get more conversions

This is how it typically goes; you can experiment with offers and emails to see what works for you. For more ideas on how to sell your products, click here.

5. Sell Your Digital Content

This one only works if you are experienced in a niche and are able to create a course on it. For instance, if you are an expert in digital marketing, you create a course and then ask people to join it. You can set a one-time fee or even work on a subscription model where you get a monthly payment for as long as one is taking your course. Here’s how it typically works:

  • You create a complete video course in different parts
  • Launch that course on your blog and offer a free introductory webinar
  • Send an email to your list asking them to join a free webinar
  • Tell people about your course in that webinar and add a call to action in the end
  • Once the webinar ends, send a follow-up email to the same list asking people to join and get an early bird discount

You can also add a recorded video of your webinar in the email so people who didn’t join the webinar can watch it as well. This is a great way to make money with email marketing as you can earn thousands on a monthly basis if you manage to work on a subscription model.

Over to You

As of 2019, over 4.4 billion people are active on the internet (Statista). This means that there is plenty of fish in the sea. All you need to do is to gather as many email addresses as you can. Keep in touch with your subscribers and then when you have built credibility, start monetizing your list and make money sending emails.

The money is in the list. If you have heard that said before, then you need to start using your email list to make you money! Check out my guide on how to do just that! #affiliatemarketingforbeginners #makemoneyonline #blogging #success

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