How To Make Money With Blogging For Beginners [Comprehensive Guide]

How how to make money with blogging for beginners and generate huge revenue? This is what most of the beginners looking for ways to make money through their blogs are searching over the internet. This is the reason that we have decided to create this guide on how to earn money blogging.

If you don’t know how to create a blog or how to write a blog post, you can refer to these two guides:

But if you know both of these things then you just need to know the five easy ways to make money online with blogging. So with that said, let’s jump right in:

How to Make Money Blogging? – 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Blogging

Method#1: Affiliate Marketing

According to; 20% of the revenue of publishers is now generated through affiliate marketing. And that is because it doesn’t require much effort besides writing valuable content and promoting offers.

Business Model:

It is pretty simple, you find physical or digital products to promote online, and when someone purchases that product through your affiliate link (which you get from the seller of the product) you get a commission.

So if someone is selling ‘Battery Reconditioning Guide’ worth of $50 and the commission is 30%, once you make the sale, you get $15.

Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Find a Network: The first step is to find an affiliate marketplace to join. Affiliate marketplace connects sellers with affiliate marketers. Some good marketplaces are ClickBank, PeerFly and MaxBounty. You can find more networks with reviews from their users by visiting AffPaying.
  2. Find an Offer: Find an offer to promote within your niche. If your niche is health, just select the health category in your affiliate marketplace, and you will see tons of offers to promote.
  3. Start Writing Content: Now start writing content around that offer like reviews, guides and other valuable blog posts related to that offer.
  4. Promote Offers: Promote the articles around your offer through social media, YouTube videos, and also do SEO to rank in Google. You can also leverage Google Adwords to promote your offer through ads as well.
  5. Build Audience: Ask your visitors to sign up on your website through a popup and provide them with an incentive for joining your website like a free eBook.
  6. Send Emails: You can now promote your offers by sending emails to the people who signed up to your website and get more sales.

Skills Required: Content writing, researching, and basic knowledge of online marketing.

Method#2: Advertising

This is plain simple; you will earn by putting ads from advertising networks. As mentioned by Valve and Meter; more than 7 million advertisers invested around $10.1 billion in paid advertising. This is the reason most of the bloggers are following this method to make money online, and the best part is that you can do both affiliate marketing and advertising on one blog.

Business Model:

Here you will apply at an advertising network to be able to place their ads on your website. The ads will be of their choice. So with advertising, you can earn through two ways; CPC and CPM.

  • CPC (Cost per Click): Here, you will get paid for each click made be a visitor on your website. The amount you will get for each click depends on the country of the visitor. Developed countries like the UK, US, Australia, Canada and more will have higher payouts while underdeveloped countries will have relatively lower pay per click.
  • CPM: (Cost per Thousand Impressions): You will be paid some money for 1000 impressions on the ads placed on your website. This means if 1000 people just view an ad and not click it, you will still get some money. The payout again depends on the country.

Steps to Earn Money With Advertising:

  1. Create Valuable Content: Write valuable content in your niche which you can also learn how to do so with our guide on how to write a blog post. Make sure your content’s topic is in good demand, so you get a lot of visits.
  2. Create Audience: Build your audience by promoting your content on social media and on websites within your niche. Ask for your visitors’ emails so you can email them when you publish a new post.
  3. Do SEO: Do SEO of your blog posts to rank them in search engine results.
  4. Apply For Advertising Network: Apply for an advertising network, we suggest Google Adsense because it is the highest paying network. However, their policies are very strict so make sure your website complies with their rules before you apply.
  5. Place Their Ads: One your website is approved, place ads intelligently at places where you get most clicks from visitors. Use heat maps to see where your visitors are clicking the most and place ads there.

Skills Required: Content Writing, Researching, and SEO (you can outsource it as well)

Method#3: Sell Physical Products with Dropshipping

One of the best and trendiest ways to earn money online is through dropshipping. You can add products to your website, write blogs and reviews on the products, rank those articles and get sales. According to Corporate Eye; 84% of people have made purchases based on the description of products in blogs.  This makes a combo of blogging and dropshipping pretty awesome.

Business Model:

You list products on your website that your supplier manufactures, and when someone places an order, you tell your supplier to ship the product directly to that customer. This way you don’t hold any inventory, and you take a cut from the product price.

For instance, if your supplier sells a product for $50, you put it on your website for $65, and when a sale is made, you get a profit of $15.

Steps to Earn Money With Dropshipping:

  1. Find a Product: Hunt for products and find trendy products, you can find tons of videos on this subject on YouTube.
  2. Find a Supplier: Find a supplier for that product on Aliexpress.
  3. Set up Store: Set up your store using Shopify or WooCommerce if you have a WordPress Blog.
  4. List Products: Add the product(s) to your store.
  5. Work on Marketing: Write blogs around the product(s), review them, add guides on how to use them and then do SEO of those blog posts to get organic traffic. Also, advertise your products on Facebook and also through influencers related to the niche of your product on Instagram.
  6. Fulfill the Orders: When people place an order, forward it to your supplier, and he will ship the product to your customer.

Skills Required: Content writing, SEO and digital marketing (you can outsource it as well), some basic experience of e-commerce is ideal.

Method#4: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are created for other companies on your own blog. Meaning that you promote their products, services or brand through your blog post(s) for a fee. Sponsored posts can be reviews, guides or simply introduction of the product or service of a business. And according to OmniCore; 61% of readers will make a purchase based on a blog’s recommendation which means virtually all brands are looking for sponsored posts.

Business Model:

Here typically a business approaches a blog related to its niche with a good reputation, authority, credibility and most importantly, a big audience base.

Or, you can also approach brands within your niche and pitch your offer to promote their products. The brands then pay a fee in exchange for a post dedicated to them.

Steps to Make Money Online With Sponsored Posts:

  1. Create Content: Create tons of valuable content in your niche and make sure that your content has concrete information so the audience can see you as a credible source.
  2. Build Audience: Start working on your blog’s promotion on social media websites and also rank it on search engines through SEO, so you start to get a good amount of traffic.
  3. Approach Brands: Now if brands are not approaching you, you can approach them. There are tons of sponsored content networks like,,, and many more. Join these networks and get brands or approach businesses on social media individually. You can also create your account on freelancing websites and offer sponsored post service there.
  4. Promote Their Products: Once you get a response from brands, decide a price and talk to them what type of post they would like. See if you can create a post according to t their requirement and also show them your portfolio so they can assess your writing skills. Once everything is done, write the article and post it.

Skills Required: Content writing, SEO (you can outsource it as well), Persuasive communication

Method#5: Sell Services Online

If you are skilled in something that you can provide as a service through the internet like career counseling, SEO, digital marketing, fitness training and business consulting. Then you can also sell services on your blog and earn money online.

And as mentioned by HubSpot; 47% of customers read 3-4 blog posts before talking to a sales rep which helps you get more sales if you combine your service selling with blogging. And the best part is that you can do sponsored posts, put advertisements and do affiliate marketing on the same blog.

Business Model:

You will create a service page on your website where you will talk about what services you provide and how your services can benefit people. You can then write blog posts about your services and case studies of brands that you have helped achieve success and then just promote your website.

People will contact you to get services; you charge them a fee in exchange for that. The best part is that you don’t need to invest in any inventory as you are not dealing with physical goods, just sell your services and make money online.

Steps to Make Money Online By Selling Services Online:

  1. Decide What You Are Good at First, see what you do the best. If you have experience in starting businesses, you can become a business coach. If you are an expert at social media marketing and SEO, you can provide digital marketing services and so on.
  2. Create Content Around It: Write blog posts around your niche while hinting how your services can help people. For instance, if you are a digital marketer, you can write on topics like why it is important to get digital marketing service and how you can help or what to look for in a good digital marketing agency, etc.
  3. Do Marketing: Now do SEO of your website to rank in Google and get clients organically and also do social media marketing to get brands to contact you as well.
  4. Talk with Clients: When a business approaches you, talk to them and tell them how you are going to help them, discuss pricing and start working on their project.

Skills Required: Expertise in a specific industry that you can provide service in, Content writing, Digital marketing (you can outsource it as well)

Final Words

No matter which method you use to make money online, remember; your audience is where the real money lies! Never ever disappoint your audience and always try to bring fresh, concrete and helpful content to them so you can retain most of your readers and also get more audience over time.

Furthermore, this guide has provided you with the fundamental knowledge of these earning ways and has outlined the steps to take to earn money online with these methods.

However, it is up to you to take action! How much you are willing to learn from free and paid resources available on the internet to increase your odds of getting success? If you are ready to take action today, check out our resources page for our #1 recommendation to get started now!

how to make money with blogging for beginners

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