If you are like me, you've been combing the internet trying to figure out how to make an income from home and have come across tons of different programs or methods that have peaked your interest but are unsure which to choose. I spent a year after being kicked out of my house doing the exact same thing! If your interested in hearing that whole story, you can find it here.

So you may have come across a program along your travels called Wealthy Affiliate. And you probably asked the same questions I did: What does it offer? How much does it cost? Could it work? Is the wealthy affiliate a scam? Well, I'm here to give you an honest review about what this program!

A Full Disclosure And My Promise To You

So, if this is going to be an honest review then I have to be completely upfront with you. Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate program and I am in that program. In fact, this website and even this article were created using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you click on any of the links in this article and sign up for an account with Wealthy Affiliate, I would get a commission for that. Now I know that can make me a little biased, but I pride myself on being honest about everything I do in life. I think that comes from being a Boy Scout and my time in the US Navy. So this is my promise to you as a fellow budding internet entrepreneur:

  1. I will give you my 100% honest opinion on this website to the utmost of my abilities
  2. I will not endorse any program or product that I have not personally used
  3. I will not endorse any program or product that I would not recommend to my own family and friends
is the wealthy affiliate a scam 100% guarantee

What Is Wealthy Affiliate And How Does It Work?

All right, to the meat and potatoes of the article! So, what is Wealthy Affiliate and what would it do for you?

Most of you know that in order to make money online there are things you have to do, from choosing a niche, to getting hosting, getting a domain name, creating content and driving traffic to name just a few. And let's not forget training, because like most things in life we are not naturally gifted enough to through up a website and start generating tons of money. I sure know I'm not!

There are many great places to get web hosting, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost or HostGator. Likewise, there are many places to get domain names like NameCheap, iPage and 1&1. And then you still have to consider which of the training programs people are spamming all over your email and social media!

Wealthy Affiliate is a content platform, training program and community all rolled into one. The great thing about it is that it combines all the technical aspects of creating your website, such as hosting and domain registration, along with training for niche selection, creating content, generating traffic and making money which is our ultimate goal as an entrepreneur.

What Do You Get With Wealthy Affiliate?

Alright, now to the nitty gritty. What do you get when you join the Wealthy Affiliate program? That depends on which side of the program you choose. The fantastic thing about this program is that there are two sides that you get to choose from, a free one and a paid one. Many people may be suspicious about a program that claims to be "free," and many people may be suspicious about a program that you have to pay for. So let's go through each side so you can see which is best for you!

If you are just getting started with your entrepreneurial pursuits and are on a shoestring budget like I was, then the Wealthy Affiliates free program is definitely for you. The surprising thing about this program compared to other programs is that it is absolutely free! You can sign up with just your email address, and you will get into the program. No credit card required, at all! Once you are in, you get access to the platform to create 2 websites with free domain names (or you can buy a unique one), complete website backup that prevents you from loosing all your hard work, access to their content creation tools, to a Beginner Training Course, 30 searches with the Jaaxy premium keyword research tool, 1-on-1 coaching for your first 7 days on the platform, and access to earn commission with the Wealthy Affiliate program! That's right, you get to create 2 websites and earn monthly, residual income while you learn how to become an effective affiliate marketer, for free!

Now, if you are to the point that you want to dive in to your entrepreneurial passion, are ready to start making a living online and have some spare case (capital) to invest in yourself then the Wealthy Affiliate Premium option is for you. For the relatively small sum of $49.99 per month, you get all the same features as the free program as well as many more. The extra features you get include up to 50 websites to grow your online business empire, a website security upgrade, 24/7/365 website support, unlimited keyword searches, private messaging with fellow Wealthy Affiliates, countless training courses, unlimited 1-on-1 couching as well as 2x payouts for commission! I have included a comparison chart that shows all the features included in each of the programs below.

One great thing that both programs offer you is the Wealthy Affiliate community! From the moment you log in and create your profile, you will get replies from tons of fell entrepreneurs. You will get encouragement, you can ask questions through the live chat feature, you can spring ideas off others and much more. This is by far one of the biggest features that separates Wealthy Affiliate from other programs, because even as a free member you can learn from others whom have gone through the same as you!

wealthy affiliate scam review comparison

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Compare To Other Programs?

Now, I haven't been in all marketing programs available on the internet and I wouldn't be able to compare them all in this one article. What I can do is compare the Wealthy Affiliate program to another program that I joined called Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate program created by David Sharpe. He is an experienced online marketer and a great orator. In order to join the program, you do have to pay $30 a month to get basic access to the program. After forking out your initial payment, you are hit by a one-time offer to pay for a year in the program without even seeing anything it offers. After you choose to get the upsell or not (I did regrettably), you will finally be inside!

Once inside you will be introduced to your coach who will help guide you through the training offered and will set up a phone coaching to introduce yourself. Upon completing the interview and going through the initial 6 training modules, you will be confronted with another upsell! Now, this isn't like the other upsell. This is a paywall that prevents you from going further in the training until you pay a whopping $2500! I chose not to pay this upsell. OK, it's not that I didn't choose but I didn't have the money to invest.

I still do have my membership to the program for a full year, which cost me $175, that allows me access to some of the programs other training. Since I did not pay the $2500 initiation fee, I do not have the ability to make commissions off anyone I may refer to the program, but I do have access to some of their video training series that teach you traffic generation, Facebook ads, Instagram marketing and other marketing techniques. So, the program does have it's benefits but it is not for anyone just getting started or anyone that does not have the capital required to gain full access to the program.

What Wealthy Affiliate Is Not And Who Shouldn't Join!

After reading through this article I hope you have a good sense of what the Wealthy Affiliate program is and can offer you, but there are several things it is not and it is not for all people.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme and is not for people looking to make money fast! This program is for people looking to make a sustainable, long term income from their endeavors online. It teaches you how to make a traditional blog site and monetize it in many ways just like other popular blogs on the internet today. Because it takes time to create your sites content, get it ranked on Google and attract people to your website to help them with an issue, this method takes time but will pay off in the long run. So if you are in need of extra cash fast, then this program is definitely not for you.

Another thing that Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme! Now, you do get commissions for referring people to join the program. Many other business pay you to refer people to their site to make a purchase, such as Amazon, Best Buy and many others. This is a well-known business practice and should not make you suspicious. You do get residual income from these referrals every month that the person you referred to the program stays in, but you only get this commission from people you refer directly. There is no pyramid that Let's you get residuals from everyone that the people you refer to the program bring in.

Why Did I Choose Wealthy Affiliate And Why Should You?

I chose to initially join the Wealthy Affiliate program for a few reasons. First, I was looking for a program that would let me learn while building my site at the same time. Because I was on a budget, I chose to use Wealthy Affiliates free option. This allowed my to learn much from the training offered by the program, how to set up a WordPress site using their system as well as how to properly create content that helps people and also looks good for search engines like Google.

Shortly after starting the free program, I decided to upgrade to the Premium option. I realized that this program was what I need to keep everything in one place, to teach me how to make my dreams of becoming independently wealthy come true. I knew it would be hard work, that it would take time but I was willing to do the work.

If you are truly interested in creating a business online, have a passion you want to share with others, want to use your knowledge to help people, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you. It can help propel you and your dreams to where you want to be, to help you achieve your goals and gain that sense of accomplishment that you are seeking. I know, because I felt the same way! If you are ready to start your journey, visit my tools page for all the products I use and we will work together to make that success a reality!

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