Detailed Six Figure Mentors Review (2019)

Are you new in the world of online money making? Do you want to make money while sitting at your couch eating potato chips and drinking coke? Well, this is possible! But, you need to understand that it is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, you need to know what you want to do on the internet to make money. Secondly, you need to find a mentor in that field because you need to learn to be able to earn on the internet.

So if you are at this website, reading this review, then it is clear that you have already figured out the first part (finding the field). You are now searching for the mentor and that is where you came across Six Figure Mentors, right? And now you want to know whether you will be making the right decision choosing them as your mentor or not.

Well, this is where this Six Figure Mentors review will help you out. We have talked about the program in great length and discussed all the main things this program includes and what you can expect from it. This is the most comprehensive Six Figure Mentors review 2019 that you will find on the internet, currently. So let’s get started:

Summary of the Six Figure Mentors Program

  • Product Name: The Six Figure Mentors
  • Founder: It was founded in 2011, by Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross
  • Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing / MLM Training + Membership
  • Price: Depends on the user’s member
  • Best For: The Founders and the Top 1-2% Members and no one else. Don’t believe me? Read On!

What is The Six Figure Mentors?

Six-Figure Mentors is a multinational company. It offers one of the most comprehensive step-by-step training on internet marketing. Six figure mentors portfolio is not just limited to step by step training. They also offer various marketing tools and plenty of resources. All, of their services, are geared towards people who want money online.

The best way to provide you with a Six-figure mentor review 2019 is to tell you about their business mentality. The company’s main goal is to let people live “Internet Laptop Lifestyle". Of course, people can do this by seeing the videos available on their website.

The company’s biggest sellers are various done-for-you resources. The done-for-you resources include:

  • Marketing Banners
  • Affiliate Links & Sales Pages
  • Customizable Sales Funnels
  • Customizable Link Generator
  • Customizable Tracking Generator
  • Customizable Tracking Stats

The company has a very simple process. The only thing you will have to do is to listen to your “coach” (A coach will be assigned to you by the company”. As long as you listen to the coach you will have no problem with creating a website and promoting the website through the various tools.

To many people, who are just starting, this can seem highly appealing. I mean: listen to a coach, create a website, market the website and earn bags of money; who wouldn’t want this? But don’t do anything by reading the first few parts of this Six-figure mentor review 2019. Read on, to learn the many shortcomings of the Six Figure’s affiliate programs and the Six-figure mentor company in general.

But first, you will have to sit through a pointless dribble about the founders of SFM.

The Co-Founders of SFM

SFM is the brainchild of Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

six figure mentors founders

If you think that the name jay sounds familiar then you are right. Not only is Jay one of the most common names. Jay Kubassek was also responsible for another company called "Carbon Copy Pro". Both SFM and Carbon Copy Pro not only have the same founder, but both are scam companies.

It is not just SFM that Stuart and Jay are running, currently. Both of them are also running another company called Digital Experts Academy (DEA).

SFM and DEA enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Both of these companies leach of each other, while at the same time running scams on people. Jay and Stuart have made a whole career of selling this kind of shady memberships. They scam people and when people hear of it; they close the website and start a new one.

This is a big red flag and should be the first thing that should turn people off, but I will go in greater in detail later in this six-figure mentors review 2019.

The Six Figure Mentors Funnel

In this part of the six-figure mentors review 2019: you will be learning how SFM attracts new customers and new people.

The 1st Step: The Ads

SFM is big on ads. This is their most used and by far their most preferred method of recruiting new customers and people. SFM ads can be found on blogs post and social media. SFM has even managed to creep into YouTube. Once you click on this ad; it will lead you to their standard lead capture page. 

The 2nd Step: Capturing your Email

This is the step where the magic happens or rather the lack of magic. Once you land on one of the standard lead capture pages; you will get a notification, asking for your Email address and name. To make it seem legit; the company offers a “free” 7-Day training video.”

The 3rd Step: The Video Training

The company does deliver you a video/day. The thing is that these videos provide very basic information about affiliate marketing, but rather these videos tell you more about the six-figure mentor's affiliate program and six-figure mentors success stories. The videos are filmed by Stuart and Jay. These videos are nothing more than a highly targeted ad for the company.

The 4th Step: Basic Membership

Once you see the ads; most people can’t help themselves but buy the basic membership package. It is only $29.95, not that much money. The thing is that the basic membership will give you very limited access to the whole system and the company will use the basic membership to sell you more useless things. 

The 5th Step: The SFM System Consultant

SFM will at one point or other ask you (the customer) to contact the system consultant, you will also be directed to book a Skype call with the "business coach". The job of the system consultant and business coach is not to help you with any queries or answer your question. Their main job is to get you to upgrade your membership. 

The 6th Step: Upsell & Upsell & lastly Upsell...

Sooner or later you will hit a roadblock. SFM whole business model is designed in such a way that you will eventually hit a roadblock and will have to pay more. Most costumers do pay because the courses cost 30-40 dollars, and the promise of SFM is great. This is how SFM keeps you hooked.

SFM is not the first company to this. While this six-figure mentors review 2019 might paint SFM as the only bad guy. Digital Altitude by Michael Force, My Top Tier Business (MTTB) by Matt Lloyd and My Own Business Education (MOBE) also by Matt Lloyd are all guilty of the same crime.

Different SFM Membership Levels

six figure mentors pricing chart

Most of the courses and teaching programs on the internet are now working with different levels of teaching. They provide learning content with content restrictions with the free level, unrestricted content with the paid level and personal coaching for an additional fee. Same is the case with Six Figure Mentors. They have four membership levels that are discussed below:

1. Free Access:

In the free access; you will get access to all five Stuart Ross videos: the five videos cover the following topics (and this should be clear by now that the videos do a very bad job of covering the topics):

  • Website
  • List Building
  • Providing Value
  • Products/Promotions

Only those that have never heard of internet marketing will find the information provided useful. Everything, that the company tells you: you can learn from any internet user and it will only take you five minutes.

2. Student Access:

The student access only costs a meager $29.95, but that is the surface price. The student access will give you access to some live video recordings and short courses. The membership descriptions are very simple, but you should dig a little deeper.

Student access is a big deception. The membership page has additional pages. The additional pages contain some very important stuff that you will need: and these essentials are priced quite higher than just $30. 

All in all the whole price comes in at $500. If you see other six-figure mentors review articles; you will find that each article has concluded that the $500 would be better to spend elsewhere.

The only valuable thing that you get is that at student access you are eligible for commission.

3. Essential Membership:

The essential membership is where SFM get a little bold. They have already hooked the target and subtleties go right out the window. The essential membership cost is $297 enrollment fee + $97 per month. The almost $400 will give you access to a business lounge, access to a landing page creator, graphics creator, and a single link tracking tool. None of which is worth the money. 

They also have an “Essential Plus” membership. The essential plus costs a staggering $2500 per year, and needless to say the essential plus is also not worth the money. You will be giving SFM $200 at this stage and there are several better ways to spend that money. 

SFM has a very simple and ingenious method. The free videos are how they hook you. Nobody can resist free things and even the more cynical of us; we look at SFM twice, when they offer you the 7 days free video. Following through with delivering the videos daily; is how SFM legitimatize themselves as a business company. 

Once you roam around the website using the free option: you will learn that the free option is utterly useless. You learn nothing from the single free course. You don’t get access to the much tools and features.

When the company asks you for the $97 for the first month’s membership: you pay it believing that you will learn a lot and quickly regain the money. If you take nothing else from this six-figure mentors review 2019, take this that you will earn zero dollars from SFM. There are a number of cases where people have made zero dollars at SFM, even after 4-5 months

SFM will just keep asking you to upgrade and each upgrade will promise you new tools, better features, and success. Needless to say, none of this comes to pass.

4. DEA Membership

Remember when I earlier told you about the DEA membership. The elite membership is not the end of SFM and once you pay for the elite membership, the company introduces the DEA membership. 

The DEA is a Digital Experts Academy membership integrated with SFM. The company promises that the DEA membership will provide you with more upgrades and better support. 

DEA Silver will cost you around $2,500, DEA Gold around $8,000, DEA Platinum an expensive $11,000 and DEA Black cost a staggering $20,000. Let’s take a look at what these different membership tiers are:

  • DEA Silver: The first step is designed to only get you up and running. DEA silver helps you create your own eCommerce business. It puts special focus on dropshipping
  • DEA Gold: The DEA gold is a program, which is specifically designed to teach you: how to be a successful digital marketer. The program also covers copywriting and designing funnels
  • DEA Platinum: DEA platinum gives you a more premium experience. It is more an event than a program. The three-day event will tell how to build your brand and how to better target the right customer. They also cover the best business model for you and how to build a professional-looking website (complete with a professional-looking logo).
  • DEA Black: The DEA black is a mega-scam. On the surface, it is about networking with other industry leaders. The DEA black also has exclusive events for DEA black members. 

The difference between SFM and DEA is that while SFM only upsells, DEA is full of high-ticket upsells.

The full details of the price and affiliate commissions are given on the company’s website. It will make this article a lot longer if I go into it here. The commissions are about 5 to 10%.

The company is designed in such a way that the biggest winner is always the company. Like Vegas, SFM always wins.

Tools & Services Offered by Six Figure Mentors

Membership is just one part of SFM. They also have tools. The tools are designed in such a way to offer you as little help as possible, while at the same time convincing you to upgrade. These are the 4 main tools offered by SFM:

  • Digital Business Lounge: This will set you back $37 or $67/month. The DBL’s main function is to help you create your perfect website
  • Simple Lead Capture: It will cost you around $29.95/month. Helps you create additional web pages or a single lead page.
  • Graphix Creator: Its cost is $99 and is a simple tool. The function of the Graphix creator is to create the cover of your ebook.
  • SimpleTrakk: It costs $9.95/month. The SimplerTrakk will help you with the marketing of your website or book

These tools are Legit and unlike the membership, should help you a little. These tools will greatly help you in building a website or running an online business, but with SFM, nothing is as simple as it seems. The tools are too expensive and have more than their fair number of flaws.

The tools are designed in such a way that they have a “locked-in” feature. Think Apple. Apple products are designed in such a way that once you get Apple product; it can be very hard to use any other product. These tools work in much the same way; minus the quality of Apple. You will have to keep using the tools and keep paying for them. 

Advantages of using SFM? The Top 4 Benefits

SFM is not that all bad. I mean even the devil has some redeeming qualities (He was an angel before he was the devil). There are several lessons that you can learn from SMF. The only trick is that you will need to keep your eyes open.

1. Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

​The six-figure mentor's affiliate program is great and remembers that since SFM is an online venture and those that have never had any sort of experience about online marketing; you can learn a lot.  

The tools and the knowledge that SFM offers might not be the most budget-friendly and is way overpriced, but it is not useless. You can learn a lot from the videos and the tool. The only caveat is that you will be overpaying. The knowledge will help you later on.

2. Changing the Mindset

To succeed online; you have to adapt to the changing world. The internet moves at a lightning speed and you will need to consistently keep up with the changing times. And SFM impresses upon you this notion, while also changing your mindset about what it takes to succeed in the online world. 

3. Basic Online Marketing Skills​

As mentioned above the information and the knowledge that SFM provides its customers with may be way overpriced but it useful none the less. You will learn a lot of the basics of online marketing skills and since you will be paying way over budget: the basics might even stick with you.

4. Taste of "Failure" Online​

Too many people are too afraid of failure and their business failing again and again at one thing. If you join SMF, you might get the bitter taste of failure too. But failure helps as well. Steve Jobs was ousted before he became a success. Bill Gates tried and failed numerous times before succeeding. Elon Musk continues to fail. A thousand failures must not discourage you because you only need to succeed once.

Failing early can be better than succeeding.

Why you shouldn’t choose SFM?

1. Unreasonable Investments & Upsells (Kind of obvious)

The best thing about SFM is its six-figure mentor's affiliate program and its six-figure mentor's success stories, everything apart from this is either way over price or entirely rubbish. The upsells alone can cost as much as $20,000. You find most of the things online for free (the tools and the knowledge)

2. The locked-in nature of tools

The Internet has much to do with inter-connectivity. The way that many of the business operates online is by using a variety of tools that easily interact not only with other tools but also with the websites.

The tools and the courses that SFM provide makes SFM a sort of pyramid scheme. Consider the Email Service Provider (ESP), an essential tool in making an online business successful, but the SFM version only works with AWeber. The locked-in nature of the tools is designed to keep the customers inside SFM and encourage the customers to keep upgrading the membership.

3. Non-Interactive Platform

This goes hand in hand with the previous reason. A non-interactive platform is one of the worst things when it comes to making an online business a success. This may not seem like a big thing, but this will create tons of headaches for you down the line.

4. Pay to Become an Affiliate

While the six-figure mentor's affiliate program and the six-figure mentor's success stories are great. They should also be free.

The Six Figure Mentors Success Story

The number of people that are making money by using SFM is a lot and hearing about all these Six Figure Mentors Success Stories can make you believe that you too can become an overnight success but you have to remember two things.

Firstly all these people have one thing in common. They never gave up and kept trying to provide the customers with the best possible experience. Secondly, all these stories are of the highest-paid members. The message seems very clear: pay a lot and then you can start earning your money back.

So, Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

Six figure mentors is not a scam in the traditional way but it is like a business. Six-figure mentor charges way too much for the services that they provide, but remember many people say the same thing about Apple.

The good thing is that If you are not in the mood for spending a lot of time on the internet and finding all the little things about online marketing online(for free), SFM offers you a place where everything is collected at one location, You will just have to pay a lot.

SFM also has a 30-day money-back policy. If you don’t like the program you can choose to opt-out inside the 30 days window to get your money back. 

Pros and Cons of Six Figure Mentors


  • The quality of training is superb
  • The business system is excellent
  • The support system is excellent


  • Cost of almost everything is way too much
  • The pressure to upgrade all the time is very high.


Though there is no need to conclude everything that we have discussed above because our review makes it pretty clear that getting paid membership from Six Figures Mentors will not get you far unless you are willing to shell out money in five figures. They may have a variety of great tools at your disposal but these tools also come with heavy price tags that you need to take care of besides paying their membership fees.

All of these tactics to get money out of your pocket makes SFM appear more interested in making money for themselves rather than making it easy for their students to make some. However, if you want to get a basic level of knowledge regarding affiliate marketing then getting their free access level or the student access might help you out a bit.

But if you are looking to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing, to have step by step tutorials, and guidance from other successful marketers on your journey, check out our tools section for the same resources we used to create this blog!

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