Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review 2019

The Internet has been making people multi-millionaires for the past few decades and the potential of making money online will only increase in the future. The best part is that a common person can also get a piece of this MASSIVE pie and make a living for himself, but the question is how? Well, there are many coaching programs that teach people how to make money online and one of them is Super Affiliate System 3.0. 

This program teaches people how to make a living doing affiliate marketing and there are mixed reviews about its legitimacy over the internet. So we thought why not do a review and help people like yourself find out if it’s a scam or a legit program and what you can expect out of it.

This review covers all important aspects regarding the program and will help you understand what this program is about, who is behind it, what are its advantages and drawbacks and who should get it. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review Summary

  • Name of Program: Super Affiliate System 3.0
  • Website:
  • Owned By: Pendragon Labs LLB, a Company owned by John Crestani
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform
  • Price: One-time fee of $997
  • Perfect For: People who have a good amount of money to invest
  • Summary: Super Affiliate System 3.0 is definitely not a scam affiliate marketing training program. But you should think twice before enrolling in this program because you need to have more money to invest after getting the program and there will be a handful of upsells waiting for you.
  • Recommended: Only for people with a good budget and some experience of affiliate marketing

What is Internet Jetset and why was it rebranded to Super Affiliate System 3.0?

In simple words, Internet Jetset was a simple program that used to teach the basics of how you can start your own business online by leveraging affiliate marketing. Most of the training was led by John Crestani who is the founder of Internet Jetset and its counterpart; Super Affiliate System which was a more advanced affiliate marketing program.

John undoubtedly did a great job in Internet Jetset by teaching people in a very practical way and most of his lessons were based on how-to tutorials, real-life experiences, setting up a website, getting more traffic and ultimately earning a good profit. Internet Jetset was not a program aimed at a single demographic, everyone and anyone could access it and it was beginner-friendly as well.

When Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System were two different programs; the basic difference between both was the level of knowledge and of course the cost. Internet Jetset was priced $47/month to get started with the basics of affiliate marketing while Super Affiliate System had a one-time fee of $997 and delivered more advanced knowledge about affiliate marketing. 

Till the 2nd quarter of 2019, Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System 2.0 were two different programs led by John. But in the 3rd quarter of 2019, John decided to make Internet Jetset a part of the Super Affiliate System and rebranded it as Super Affiliate System 3.0. The reason for doing is to put everything in one place for both types of learners; beginners and people with some experience.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani photo

John Crestani’s story is similar to many influential entrepreneurs and marketers in the world. He got out of the corporate race, started an online business and made a killing in it. John pursued the online advertising career, made partnerships with various online businesses and became an authority in his area. He then founded Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System to teach others how to crush it in the online money-making industry.

John knew how to dominate with Facebook, Google, YouTube and other types of advertisements and that’s why he didn’t limit himself to coaching only. John started an online health supplement company called “Nutryst” and that’s when his real rise started in the online money-making industry.

An Inside Look Into Super Affiliate System 3.0

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review 2019 1

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a program created by John Crestani that helps you learn the inside techniques of crushing it with affiliate marketing by leveraging paid traffic. The duration of this course is just 6 weeks and even if you are a complete beginner, you will still be able to learn because John starts with basics and then goes into deeper levels of affiliate marketing. So here is the overview of what you can expect from the Super Affiliate System 3.0:

Week 1: System Set-up

This is a complete course of setting up an affiliate marketing system containing pieces of training that enable you to make your first dollar within a week. This module contains 10 videos in total and you need to be attentive to get it right and start profiting. Here’s what you will get to learn in this module:

  • Setting up the system
  • Joining affiliate networks
  • Creating a website
  • Setting up pre-sell page (You will need ClickFunnels)
  • Setting up Facebook ads
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Wrap up of the week and a bonus gift 

Week 2: Google Ads

This week is all about how you can earn an affiliate commission through Google ads. You will learn how you can sell products to billions of people across the globe by going through the six videos this module has. Here’s an overview:

  • Google ads introduction
  • Google search ads
  • Google Display ads
  • Setting up Adwords conversion pixel
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Wrap up of the week and a bonus gift

Week 3: YouTube Ads

The second-largest search engine on the internet; YouTube is growing at a rapid pace. This is the best time to leverage its power and sell through it. John will teach you how to set up YouTube ads and 10x your ROI in this 3rd week comprising of six videos. Here’s a little sneak peek:

  • Introduction to YouTube ads
  • Setting up a YouTube channel
  • Setting up YouTube ads
  • Why you won’t focus on mobile ads
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Wrap up and special bonus

Week 4: Advance Ad Techniques

This week is about leveraging social media and turning it into a powerhouse for your profits. You will be taught to use social media ads and boost your profits. Though most of the training in this module is not done by John himself, he has gotten help from experts who have mastered social media ads. Let’s see the contents of this week:

  • Advanced level introduction to Facebook ads
  • Mistakes with Facebook ads
  • How to be in compliance with Facebook by Tim Burd
  • How to breakthrough by Brian Pfeiffer
  • Speaking to the brain of Reptile by Ronnie
  • How to hack the trust of people and destroy competition by Ronnie
  • Writing highly profitable headlines by Ronnie
  • Famous copywriters and why copywriting works by Ronnie
  • Wrap up of the week

Week 5: Pre-Sale Pages & Scaling

This week will focus on helping you create a 24/7 commission machine by leveraging website pages. You will learn to create affiliate websites that will capture leads. And as you know, most affiliate networks and Facebook don’t allow you to directly use your affiliate link and that is why you will have to create a landing page to capture leads and then an autoresponder to follow up with them and convert them. There are six videos in this module explaining the entire process of scaling and automating:

  • Introduction to presell pages
  • Split testing of presell pages and picking up the highest converting
  • Common mistakes with presell pages
  • Basics of scaling and increasing the budget without hurting ROI
  • Payout bumps
  • Wrap up of week 5

Week 6: Selecting Products

This is the final module of the whole Super Affiliate System 3.0 program. Here, you will learn the most crucial part of your whole affiliate marketing journey; selecting a product. Here’s what you will learn in this last week:

  • Introduction to product setup
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Finding Offers on Clickbank
  • Finding offers by other affiliate networks
  • Common mistakes to avoid while choosing offer
  • Wrap up of week 6

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Support System

Entrepreneurship is not a straight road to success. There are bumps, puddles, ditches and even fortresses on this road that you need to pass through. You cannot do all of this alone and you would need the help of like-minded people. Super Affiliate System offers three modes of communication given below:

  • Exclusive Forum: This forum is created just for the members of Super Affiliate System having people who are also grinding like you. You can ask questions, help others and achieve success together.
  • Email Support: If you need help from the big guns on serious matters, you can also email the support of Super Affiliate System where John replies to emails as well.
  • Facebook: There is also a group of Super Affiliate System on Facebook. You can interact with other members, ask as many questions as you want and help others as well.

Just like Ezio needed more assassins in Brotherhood to help him on his journey, you would also need a community of assassins who are killing it in the affiliate marketing game. Luckily, you have a whole community to interact and grow with.

Advantages of Super Affiliate System 3.0

Very Informative:

Every lesson is well-planned and thought and you will receive highly detailed information in each lecture. After watching a few videos, you will realize that every single piece of content in this program is well-researched and came from experience.

There is no doubt that Super Affiliate System 3.0 has a lot of valuable information to offer and since it just came out in the mid of 2019, it covers the latest techniques for affiliate marketing.

John Brought Great Minds on Board:

Though you will be learning the basics from the legendary John himself, this is not all you are going to get! John has handpicked titans of the industry that are well-versed in their respective fields and you will be learning advanced tactics from their videos. 

This combination of great minds teaching you the skills and tactics needed for affiliate marketing makes the Super Affiliate System 3.0 a lot more valuable.

Very Energetic Community:

Community is necessary if you are jumping into a training program. Even when you go to college, you need the help of a few class fellows to pass the exam. The same is with most online courses. The online community of Super Affiliate System 3.0 is very helpful and active.

You can interact with people through a forum or Facebook group and if you need to ask some questions that require privacy, you can always contact the support through email, John also sometimes replies to emails.

Disadvantages of Super Affiliate System 3.0

It’s Expensive:

There is no doubt that it is quite expensive because not everyone might be able to afford $1k for a course. Also, it is unwise especially for beginners to spend so much money on training if they don’t have more savings. This is because you would need more money for advertising, website building and more.

Focused on Paid Advertising:

Though it is not a bad thing because you will have to get paid advertising at some point in your affiliate marketing career, it is just that a beginner who has already paid $1k for the course might not be able to afford or might be scared to spend further money. There should’ve been training in the program teaching methods of getting free traffic so that people can first make money through that traffic and then invest that money on paid traffic to scale their business.

12-Week Program or 6-Week Program?

Since the Internet Jetset program ended, people have been very confused about whether Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a six-week program or a 12-week program. Although we have cleared your confusion in this guide that it is a 6-week program, most people who haven’t read the reviews on the latest Super Affiliate System 3.0 would be very confused while purchasing the course.

Some FAQs Regarding Super Affiliate System 3.0

Since the Internet Jetset got rebranded as Super Affiliate System 3.0, people have a lot of questions about this unexpected merger. We thought since we are doing a review on SAS anyway, so why not clear the confusion for you guys on the way? So we compiled the most asked questions regarding the rebranding of Internet Jetset and made this list of FAQs.

What’s The Difference between Super Affiliate System 3.0 and Internet Jetset?

One thing that is common between the Internet Jetset and the Super Affiliate System 3.0 is that both are created by John Crestani. Internet Jetset was created with more of a beginner-friendly approach and Super Affiliate System was created for advanced level marketers. However, by the mid of 2019, John decided to merge both courses into one and that’s how Super Affiliate System 3.0 came to life. Internet Jetset is now no more in the market and is rebranded as Super Affiliate System 3.0 that takes students from the basics to the advanced level of affiliate marketing.

What if Training Doesn’t Work?

Well, that can happen because not everyone might be able to have a clear understanding of the program and how it works but they may enroll anyway. The good news is that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! So even if you feel like it’s not working for you, you can get out within this window.

Is This Program Suitable for Any Niche?

Yes! It will work with virtually all of the niches out there! You just need to learn how to find profitable offers in your niche and follow the guidelines given in the program to achieve good results.

Will There be a Monthly Fee for Super Affiliate System 3.0?

No! It is just a one-time fee training program that costs $997 and not a single penny more. You would have to, of course, spend more money when you are inside the program for things like purchasing tools and advertisements to bring traffic.

Can I Do This If I Am Unexperienced?

Yes, you absolutely can! You just need to work harder and pay attention to everything that is being taught to you. By doing everything practically, you will be able to learn much faster and it won't matter if you are unexperienced or a complete newbie.

I Am On a Tight Budget, Should I Do This?

Well, we work hard and build a business to change the exact situation and not be on a tight budget anymore. But, if you don’t have any savings or if the savings are not much, we suggest that you should first gather money that you can afford to lose on the course and the advertising for traffic generation. This will allow you to work tension free. Otherwise, you should explore more affordable options such as Wealthy Affiliates.

If I Purchase Super Affiliate System, How Much Can I Make?

This is a pretty generic question and the answer to this depends on your working capacity, level of desire, ability, and experience of business. Many people who join SAS do not make any money within the first few weeks but then there are some who have made $500 in the very first week. So it depends on how passionate you are about learning and implementing the tactics that are shared in this training.

Will There Be Any Additional Costs After Purchasing the Super Affiliate System?

Yes! There will definitely be additional expenses for things like domain name, hosting and tools for lead generation and capturing. Then there will also be expenses for advertising so we suggest that you only jump into this training if you have extra money left to spend after purchasing the course.

So…..Is Super Affiliate System 3.0 a Scam?

There are mixed reviews about the program over the internet and even though most of the bad reviews might be done by competitors, we cannot ignore the fact that it is not 100% appreciated by many people. There are many reasons for this and the main reason is the HUGE fee they are charging. $997 is not a small price to pay for video-recorded training. 

However, a high price doesn’t mean that the program is a scam so if you read bad reviews about the program just because of its price, please don’t consider it a scam based on those reviews. Now if we talk about whether it is really a scam or not then it’s NOT! Yes, there is some possibility that you may not make any money but most of the time, it’s the inability of the students and not the program itself.

You cannot expect the trainers to hold your hand and take you towards success as there are thousands of students under them so paying attention to each student is challenging. So most of the time, people who, due to their own inability, don’t make money, blame the training and call it a scam. 

So the gist is, it’s not a scam. But, we recommend that you keep a good chunk of money aside for paid tools and advertising otherwise join more affordable programs like Wealthy Affiliate.

Who Should Get Super Affiliate System 3.0?

The program would not work for everybody and that is a fact. But if you are the kind of person with situations given below, you might find it useful:

  • You tried affiliate marketing in the past but failed
  • You are an intermediate marketer and now want to master the art of bringing paid traffic
  • You are a professional who wants to scale and automate his business
  • You have money laying around to be spent on the training and expenses that come afterward
  • You are eager to learn and passionate about affiliate marketing

Who Should Not Get Super Affiliate System 3.0?

As mentioned above, not everyone would find the program their savior when it comes to making online earning. So if you are in any of the situations given below, we suggest you should refrain from getting the program:

  • You are on a shoestring and don’t have any money to lose after getting the course
  • You don’t want to invest in the paid advertisements and want to get free traffic
  • You are expecting to become rich over the night through this training
  • You are not willing to put in any effort in learning and implementing what is being taught

The Super Affiliate System Pros and Cons


  • You will be getting knowledge from people who are already killing it with paid traffic
  • The course is easy to understand
  • It is divided into six weeks so your progress can be easily tracked
  • There are badges that will show your accomplishments
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Just need to make a payment of $997 (one-time)
  • There will be live webinars on a weekly basis with John
  • No matter whether you are in the U.S or any other part of the world, you can make money
  • You will be using tools that John also uses to increase his conversions and sales
  • You will get buyer data as well which means you can make sales right away
  • They have success stories of their students
  • You will be making passive income in the long term and the whole process will be automated
  • They also have Ad Swipe files
  • You will get done-for-you sales funnels


  • In order to move to the next lesson, you need to complete the existing lesson first
  • Comes with a hefty price tag of $997 which is a lot especially for newbies
  • There are mixed reviews about John Crestani himself on the internet
  • Choosing the right niche and product can be hard
  • Additional budget would be required for tools, domain, hosting and paid traffic
  • There will be a bunch of upsells waiting for you

Over to You

There is no doubt that making money online is a piece of cake nowadays because there are infinite opportunities to make money on the internet with hundreds of areas to choose from. Affiliate marketing is, of course, one of those areas and it is still a goldmine if you know what you are doing. And to learn what to do right, which strings to pull to get explosive results, you need a platform like Super Affiliate System.

Though there are many other great platforms like Wealthy Affiliates that teach you everything at a more affordable price if by reading this review you want to enroll in Super Affiliate System, you should do that! Just remember that you need to keep some cash aside for paid tools, domain, hosting and advertising. If you have the money and passion for changing your life, you surely can do it! Look here for our recommended tools to get started today.

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