Top 10 Passive Income Business Ideas

Earning money in is not as hard as it was a few years back! There are a lot of opportunities that can literally help you quit your job and make a decent living. So if you are also in pursuit of making money online then you are in for a treat today because we are going to tell you the top 10 passive income business ideas that you can use to build your side hustle. So with that said, let’s take a look and find the one for you!

1. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is an excellent way to make some side money if you know what you are doing! And that means you should have a highly demanded niche and evergreen content. Once you set up your blog, you can hire a writer who is an expert in the niche you have selected and start posting content on your blog.

Once you have a good audience base, you can monetize your blog and start earning. Remember, it will only be counted as passive income if you are outsourcing all the tasks related to your blog because then you will only have to give one or two hours to your blog to make sure everything goes smoothly.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

This is the same as starting a blog. You need to first find a good niche, create several videos on that niche or hire an expert to make videos for you. Make sure that the videos are informative and valuable to the audience so that people actually spend time watching your videos.

Once your videos start to get traction, you can then monetize them and start earning some money. Again, you will have to give one or two hours to the YouTube channel to see everything goes smoothly.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This can be connected with your blog and YouTube channel which means you don’t have to do a lot of separate work for affiliate marketing and make money. You can find affiliate products that are related to your niche and then start promoting them.

You can write articles reviewing products of your affiliate offers and embed your affiliate links to the product so when someone purchases the product from that link; you will earn a commission. Also, once you have a list of subscribers visiting your blog, you can email them affiliate offers and earn money when they purchase.

4. Amazon FBA

This one is the closest to making HUGE numbers in passive earning because you can sell physical goods on Amazon which is the largest e-commerce marketplace. The idea here is to do FBA PL where FBA is Full-Filled by Amazon and PL is Private Label.

Here, you buy products, put your own private label on them which means you make your own brand, send those products to Amazon warehouse and then just work on marketing those products. Amazon will store, pack and ship the product whenever someone places the order which means you don’t have to do anything.

5. Dropshipping

This one is similar to Amazon FBA but the difference is that you don’t purchase any inventory and you also don’t sell on Amazon. You create your store on Shopify, find a product to sell on and then list that product on your Shopify store. Then you work on marketing your products through Instagram influencers or Facebook advertising.

Once someone places an order, you direct that order to the manufacturer of the product on Aliexpress and then the manufacturer ships the product to the customer. If the manufacturer is selling something for $10, you may sell it for $25 and take your profit from the difference after cutting the expense of marketing.

6. Write an e-Book

If you can write a fictional or non-fictional book on an interesting topic that has high demand or if you can get it written by a writer, then you can also sell it on Amazon and potentially earn thousands. If let’s say you have a lot of experience in Affiliate Marketing, you can write an eBook on it providing people with advanced strategies and tactics.

Then you can publish it on Amazon, and after some marketing, you can start to make some passive income. Remember, the earning potential of an eBook directly depends on how demanded and valuable its content is. So if the topic has high demand and you have provided tons of value, it will be easier to sell it.

7. Airbnb

If you have a spare room in your house, then you can also make some passive income through it. Just get your room cleaned and fill it with amenities that attract guests and then list it on Airbnb.

If someone needs a room in your vicinity, it will appear on their Airbnb app, and then they will contact you. Rent out the room to them and earn a good income every time someone stays there.

8. Sell Digital Content

If you are knowledgeable on a subject that can be valuable to people like blogging, digital marketing, content writing, e-commerce or something as simple as using Microsoft Excel, you can create a course around it. Publish that course on platforms like Udemy or Lynda and earn money when people sign up for it.

9. Create an App

You can also develop an informational app that targets a specific niche. For instance, you can create an app that has complete instructions on how to set up a blog or how to make money online. You can then list it on the Google Play Store or Apple Store and monetize the app to show advertisements.

You can use Google Adsense for monetization. Now whenever someone uses your app, you earn money for the number of ads they watch.

10. Earn Through Your Car

If you use your car a lot, you can sign up for services like and get your car wrapped with advertisements. You will earn based on the size of your car and the daily commute.

Furthermore, you can rent out your car using services like RelayRides where people pick up your car from the location you provide and then return it to you after they have used it. You can make some quick cash through that as well.

Over to You

There are literally tons of methods to make passive income in 2019, and these ten are just a few of them. You can find detailed instructions on how to work on these ideas on the internet. Get started with the one that interests you the most, check out our recommended resources now!

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