What Is An Email Autoresponder? [Beginner's Guide]

Emails have never been more important than in today’s business environment where marketers are using everything they can to secure leads and snatch them from competitors. In this cut-throat competition, if there is anything that you can do to increase your blog’s audience as well as your sales then that is to constantly stay in touch with your subscribers through emails.

This is because according to Heyo; email marketing yields an average of 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the U.S. alone. So if you want to stay in touch with your new and old subscribers, even if they are in thousands, you don’t need to employ a big team of virtual assistants and spend thousands on them when you can leverage autoresponders. To know what it is, what its benefits are and which autoresponder we personally use, read this guide till the end.

What Is An Email Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are tools that allow marketers to automatically send out emails to a single group or to different groups of people. When you have a list of email accounts to target, sending individual emails to everyone on your list can take a lot of time depending on its size. So to save that time of marketers, autoresponders were created.

There are basically three key things to know about autoresponders given below:

  • People sign up to your website to receive emails from you
  • You write a single email or a sequence of emails and then automate the sending process using an autoresponder like GetResponse
  • Sending emails this way saves your time and helps you measure results of your email campaigns

Some people only need to send emails to one list, but some may have multiple lists based on different target groups in their niche. Whatever the case is, you can leverage autoresponders to send emails to any group you want.

Why Autoresponders are Important?

The number one reason why autoresponders are so important is that they save up a lot of time that you would’ve spent on sending out emails to your subscribers manually. As stated by Pardot; 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business. This means you need to effectively send out emails to all of your subscribers and autoresponder enables you to do that without putting in any effort at all.

You can just feed-in an email that you want to be sent out to a specific group of people and let the autoresponder do the rest.

For instance, let’s say that you have a list of 1,000 people who subscribed to your blog to receive emails from you containing offers and news about new blog posts. So whenever you have something to tell your subscribers, you can just write a single email or a sequence of emails to be sent to all of them at once or at a set date.

So this frees up a lot of time that you would’ve invested in individually sending a copy of the email to all of your subscribers. Now there are tons of them out there, and the most popular ones include GetResponse that we personally like to use (more on that later in this article).

8 Benefits of Using Autoresponders:

  • Easily Duplicate Your Efforts: The first benefit is of course automation of the email sending process which means you don’t have to clone yourself. You can just load up pre-sequenced email lists into your autoresponder and let it work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Introducing Subscribers To Your Best Content: You may be coming up with the excellent content as we do in our guides, but the problem with blog posts is that when your new blogs are uploaded, your best content that you wrote previously gets buried in the archives. So to make sure that they keep on receiving visitors, you can target your new subscribers. You can program your autoresponder to send an email to every new subscriber suggesting them some of your best blogs.
  • Strengthening Relations: According to Forrester; Nurtured leads produce an avg. of 20% more sales. So if you want to nurture your leads and strengthen your relationship with them, you can create lists of special events in your autoresponder like Valentine’s Day or Independence Day so when the date comes, all of your subscribers will automatically receive the wishing for that day from you. You can do that with birthday greetings as well and the best part is that people really appreciate these gestures and will remember you for doing them.
  • Listen To Your Subscribers: One thing that you can do with your autoresponder is to program it to ask your new subscribers about their biggest challenges in your niche. You can then get in touch with the ones that reply and try to solve their problem. Or, if you get a lot of similar challenges, you can create a new blog post on that topic.
  • Upselling: When someone buys something from your e-commerce store, you can set a follow-up email in your autoresponder to let them know about your additional products. This can boost your revenue.
  • Run Promotional Campaigns: When you are running a promotional campaign, you are sending a series of emails to your potential customers manually. But you can use an autoresponder to send the same promotional sequences based on their time of subscription to your website. So if someone has subscribed recently, they will not receive the fourth or fifth email in your sequence, but the first one.
  • Deliver Content Over Time: If you provide training or a course, you can program your autoresponder to send out your lectures or videos on a periodic basis so that your students keep receiving what they paid for without any delay.
  • Great for Getting Measurable Data: Autoresponders provide you with a lot of information about your subscribers even if they are not opening your email or clicking through your provided link. Over time, you will gather a lot of data that can help you come up with ways to optimize your emails.

How to Use an Autoresponder?

Well, it is not that complicated to use an autoresponder, and you can find tons of videos showing exactly what you need to do. But to provide you with a general idea of how email autoresponders are used, we have outlined some basic steps below:

  • Step#1: You need to first set up your email list, which means you need to get all of your contacts in order.
  • Step#2: Once done, you will need to write an email welcoming those that subscribe to your list and explaining what you are about.
  • Step#3: Now, write emails providing further value that will be sent to your list encouraging them to take an action.
  • Step#4: Once your emails are in sequence and your list is loaded into your autoresponder in the desired order, you can just start your autoresponder, and it will send out those emails automatically according to your set time.
  • Step# 5: Now you just need to measure the results of your email like the CTR (click-through rate), open rate, conversions, etc. and then take decisions based on that data.

You can see how easy it is to use an autoresponder and we personally like to use GetResponse because it makes setting up email sequence a piece of cake with its intuitive interface and a multitude of features. If you also want to know why I like GetResponse, then have a look at my small review of below:

Why Do We Like GetResponse?

GetResponse has been in the industry for a whopping 15 years and serves over 350,000 paying customers across 182 countries and get over 1 billion subscribers every month. Due to these factors, they have grown to become one of the most user-friendly platforms for:

  • Creating email campaigns
  • Providing users with email automation through their autoresponder
  • Tracking email campaigns
  • Creating highly converting landing pages

These are the key offerings from GetResponse that have won them multiple awards and also featured them on Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, and many other popular media outlets.

Now that you know why we prefer GetResponse as our autoresponder, have a look at some of its key features to know why you should use it too.

Key Features of GetResponse:

  • AutoResponder 2.0: The first feature is obviously their upgraded autoresponder 2.0 that allows you to automatically send messages based on things like audience type, date, audience level (how old audience is) and more.
  • Email Editor: You need to create highly appealing emails to be sent through an autoresponder, and GetResponse has got you covered there as well. You can create beautiful emails from scratch using their email editor, or you can also choose from their hundreds of email templates.
  • Create Landing Pages: As a marketer or blogger, sooner or later, you would need to create a landing page to divert your subscribers to it and promote your offers. You can do that using GetResponse as well.
  • Split Test: GetResponse allows you to split test your email campaigns to see which email is getting the most open rates and CTRs, and then you can just focus on that one.
  • RSS to Email: This feature allows you to automatically send an email to your defined list of subscribers whenever you upload a new post to your blog and increase your readership.
  • Excellent Customer Support: The best part of using GetResponse is that their team is very sharp, friendly and flexible. You can contact them to solve your queries in minutes using live chat, email and even a phone call.

Over to You:

So these are a few reasons why we love to use GetResponse as our autoresponder and why you should start using it too. Remember, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average return for that is $44.25 (Source: Heyo). This means if you are spending a few dollars on getting GetResponse, your investment will be well worth it.

Furthermore, this guide may have cleared your basic concepts about what autoresponders are and why you should use them to make your life easier. However, if you have any advanced questions, you are always welcome to drop a comment down below or ask directly from the industry experts by signing up at Wealthy Affiliates.

Email marketing is huge for businesses in 2019 and you may be wondering what is an email autoresponder? See our detailed guide and start making more today! #affiliatemarketingforbeginners #makemoneyonline #blogging #success

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